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Weekly Updates from Miss DeWitt's Class

October 14, 2016

Boosterthon/Color Run

Go Team We Can DeW-itt!! We have had so much fun fundraising through Boosterthon! This week we have earned three more incentives: pajama day, board game day, and jersey/sport gear day! In total we have raised $1,449. Thank you so much to all who donated and worked with your children to contact family and friends to donate. 10% of those proceeds will be used in our classroom. That money will be put towards our very own class Breakout Edu kit!! We will be able to purchase nicer locks, breakout box, and other materials that would be fun to include!

The Color Run was an absolute blast! The kiddos' shirts and heads were FILLED with color, and we all had a great time! Reminder: Pledge envelopes were sent home today. Please help your child collect any pledges that you don't have. All of the pledge money will be due on October 25th.

Veteran's Day Assembly--Calling All Veterans!!

Our Veteran's Day Assembly is coming up on November 11th! Any Veteran wanting to participate should contact Mrs. Farrow by email PRIOR to November 4th so that we can arrange for room visits and have a nice but short introduction for them. 8:45 will be the start of program in gym and by 9:30 we will be off to classrooms for a short visit with individual veterans with wrap up by 10:00 at the latest. Let me know of schedule conflicts that will not allow for veterans within a particular classroom.


Due to Math MAP testing this week, we only had three math lessons. We focused on learning how addition and subtraction are inverse operations. We used math mountains to show our inverse operations visually and be able to decide which operation we needed to use to find our missing number. It is very important that the kiddos understand the relationship between addition and subtraction for word problems.

We also started to tackle multi-step word problems this week. This one is always a challenge for students. We usually can figure out the first step to a word problem without many issues, but it's that tricky second step that leaves us feeling confused at times! We talked about key words that tell us whether to add or subtract, and worked on creating math mountains to help us decide which operation to use.

Social Studies

We have continued to work on our "jigsaw" for Chapter 2. I have been conferring with groups and they have been working on editing and making sure they are sticking to the learning targets. We talked about making sure images help the presentation and don't take away from it. We also discussed presentation-giving strategies and techniques to make sure everyone is able to hear the students presenting and enjoy them! Next week Monday will be the first day of presentations!

Language Arts from Mrs. Edwards

Reading: This week the class continued to learn how we read non-fiction. We started learning that there are two different types of non-fiction: expository and narrative. The students found examples of each, noting that narrative reads like a story, and expository reads like we are taking a class on a topic. Some of the students did fabulous and found examples of each on the same topic. We moved through our research on the Presidents. Each day we had a different focus to finish up our research. The students started the week finishing up their work on the president’s childhood and family, then moved on to what their presidency is known for, and their career before becoming President. Finally, we wrapped up by finding fun facts and any challenges their president had in their life. We had a mini-lesson on how to search using keywords. So many of our students are searching an entire thought, “What were the challenges Ronald Reagan faced as president,” verses a few keywords, “Ronald Reagan challenges.” The students also reviewed text features and how they can help us understand a nonfiction piece. We worked with a partner to find all 20 different text features through our collection of nonfiction in the classroom. I love seeing the students get excited about the cool facts they have learned about the Presidents. Please be sure to ask your child what he or she learned through their research!

Writing: This week was drafting and typing our final draft for our research project. As always, the students had fun picking their final font and finding pictures to represent their President. This week our mini lessons mainly dealt with grammatical issues. We introduced the students to a variety of transitions to use in their writing. Many students over use their favorite transition over and over. We see a lot of “so” and “then” used. We also went over switching the beginning word of every sentence for flow. Instead of starting every sentence with “President Reagan,” we learned we could use “he” or “Ronald.” The students were very clever in finding different ways to switch up their beginnings. Unfortunately, there are still a few who are still coming to me with lowercase letters for proper nouns and lines and lines without end punctuation. We also had to review plagiarism and what that meant (a few were a little TOO well written).

Wear Orange for Unity Day

Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 8:30am

Horizon Elementary

It is a day to support unity and togetherness and prevent bullying!

No School--Fall Break

Thursday, Oct. 20th, 12am to Friday, Oct. 21st, 12am

Pewaukee School District

Enjoy your two days off! :)