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Government health organizations: State and Federal Governments play a significant role in the promotion of physical activity. They provide funding to organisations such as Vic Health and the Heart Foundation, which in turn support governments in the promotion of physical activity at a state and national level.

Non-government organizations: Non-Government Organisations play a critical role in promoting health at the federal, state and local levels. Some better-known examples of NGOs in the health promotion area are the Heart Foundation (Victoria), Diabetes Australia Victoria and the Cancer Council Victoria.

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The '10,000 steps' goal puts a focus on the accumulation of activity across the whole day. With continual advances in technology and our workplaces becoming more sedentary it now takes a concerted effort to make active choices. Some Ideas involve, Walk and talk with a colleague instead of emailing, Parking the car further away from the entrance to shops and walk to the corner store for milk and the paper. It is sometimes easier to make these choices when you have a motivational tool such as a pedometer reminding you how many, or how little steps you have done for the day.10,000 steps is the recommended daily step goal for a healthy adult. The following pedometer indices have been developed to provide a guideline on how many steps are enough

Target group the intervention is aimed at

This foundations target intervention is aimed towards workplaces. this is because the healthier the employees are the more productive they will be at work and the less health problems they will encounter therefore they have less time off from work than someone who isn't meeting taking place in physical activity

The 10,000 steps program fails to meet the Social ecological model as it does not contain a policy and organizational factor. In the individual factor it includes increases knowledge attitude towards physical activity and enhances behavioral skills e.g goal setting, reward systems, reminder systems. In the social factor of the SEM the 10,000 steps incorporates someone to be active with and considers relationship with work colleagues. And the physical factor includes providing new equipment in this case when you sign up you are given a pedometer.

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The initiative of this program has experienced change success. 10,000 Steps promotes the use of a step counting pedometer as a means to both track and increase your levels of health related physical activity. The pedometer is a small instrument that can accurately, but not perfectly count your steps. It clips to your pants or skirt and can be reset to zero each morning in an effort to track the amount of self-propulsion you do throughout the day.