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11th edition: March 21st, 2016

Teacher Spotlight: Patrick Avery and Eva Bentley

As Ms. Whisman mentioned in our last faculty meeting, Patrick and Eva are experimenting with self-paced learning. Students are using a variety of edtech tools to access content and assessments, including Padlet, Blendspace, and Schoology. Students are actively involved in providing feedback about this new learning system, as these teachers work toward a more personalized learning model.

Both teachers are using blended learning (involving both tech and traditional strategies) to meet students' needs, and they incorporate student choice in their plans. For example, students in Avery's Algebra 2 class can choose a mostly digital pathway or one that has small group daily instruction. They all have access to the resources he has posted in Schoology, so no matter how they choose to get their instruction here at school, all students have resources to support their needs as they work on problems.

Talk to Eva and Patrick about how this is changing their classroom. They are taking risks and innovating because they know it's what is right for kids. Way to go Eva and Patrick!

Listen to RocketCast Episode 3: ELL in the Classroom

SCHS RocketCast

RocketCast Episode 3 ESL/ELL in the Classroom with Lisa Hamlett And Beth Cook by SCHS RocketCast

SCPS EdTech Share Fair is Next Week

Wednesday, March 23rd, 4-5:30pm

728 Ginkgo Drive

Shelbyville, KY

Our second annual Edtech Share Fair is coming up next week. Sixteen teachers from around the district (elementary, middle and high school in several different content areas) will give short presentations on various tools, as well as lead mini-discussions with audience members. Hear how they have integrated edtech into their classrooms and impacted student learning.

Sign up for your free ticket and come support Melinda Turner, Bart Roettger, and James Wampler as they represent SCHS at this event!

More info on the presenters and sessions here.

Document cameras and Having a "Smartboard" anywhere!

One of my favorite vendors from the KYSTE conference was IPEVO. They have affordable devices that can solve some common classroom problems. Luckily, they sent two of them back with me so I can show you in person!

  1. Document Cameras: They have several models, all of which offer HD picture quality, video capture options, and a built-in microphone. There is even a wireless model - you could walk that around your classroom and project/record anything! With prices ranging from $99-$159, this is something affordable for departments to purchase. I have the $99 Ziggi HD plus in my office for you to come check out.
  2. Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System: This receiver and wand system allows you to make any projector a "SMARTboard." As we continue to explore ways to create more adaptive and flexible classroom spaces, this might be something you could use to set up a second interactive whiteboard in your classroom or to have a "mobile" system ready to go to the hallway, lobby, gym, etc. You just need a projector, a laptop, and a clean wall space to make this system work. IPEVO sent one of these back with me too, so swing by to see how it works.

(These systems do require downloads of software, so they are not something we would use with Chromebooks.)