Ancient Greece

by:Cody young


I did a reacher projct on Ancient Greece. I have 3 instring thans i learnd 1.Beging of Ancient Greece 2.slavery in Ancient Greece 3.Athens Rise to powe.

Beging of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece began betwen 1600 to1900.simple nomadic herdsman called hellene.there language was Indo european. the people came from grassland of the caspian sea.plundened the Aegan cities Gnadually became Aegam.

Slaveay in Ancient Greece

two fithes of the people were slaves. When a cities were concerd the people were sold as slaves.thay had a chanc for freedom. all thay had to do was by buyingit becamea melting mined. of slivermines and laurium.


i learnd a lote a bout angent greece.i thenk the most instring thang was. two fiths of the people were slavs.