Signs of a Chemical Change

all the ways you can have a chemical change.

By: Danielle Jarvis

Color Change

When you have color change, you have a substance that is mixed with another substance and changes colors after a short or long period of time due to a chemical reaction.


When you have a rusting on a object, there is a chemical reaction from another substance that causes the object to rust.

Formation of a new substance

When you mix two substances together, you will ALWAYS get a new substance due to a chemical reaction.


When you burn-cook-explode an object, you chemically chance how the substance looks and feels and chance the temperature of the substance due to chemical reaction.

Precipitate Form

A solid that forms in the presence of two or more liquids.

Preduction of a Gas

When you take two substances that have a chemical reaction to one another and it creates bubbles (gas).

Temperature Change

When two substances get chemically combined , they have a chemical reaction that causes the substances to get hotter or colder.

Chemical Change IS NOT








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Personal experiance

~GAK~ When we mixed the glue and borax solution together, it caused the two substances to have a chemical reaction, causing them to create another substance (precipitate form) We then added food coloring causing it to chance color (color change)