Flour Bluff Elementary

Week of May 4th


Dr. Youngberg has a special video message to FBE Parents...

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Teacher Appreciation Week

Thank you so very much for your messages, pictures, and videos. Here is the padlet with all of messages (video, pictures, and written). This will go out to teachers on Monday.
Teacher Appreciation Padlet

Click here to see teacher appreciation messages.

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Spirit Week Activities: This Week TEACHER APPRECIATION THEME!

Let's try and keep some fun going at home with spirit days Flour Bluff Elementary!!!! Post your pictures on our FBE PTO Page or in your Google Classroom!!!
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Thursday, May 7th is Nurse Appreciation Day !


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Parent Input for Classroom Placement (2020-2021)

We will not be taking specific teacher requests. If you would like to give input on your child's placement (this is not requesting specific teachers) you may email Dr. Youngberg for a parent input form. This is for current 2nd and 3rd graders ONLY. Fourth graders will get specific directions for the Intermediate from Dr. Alvarado soon. Thank you for your understanding.

Positivity Project & Announcements


You value each member of your group and inspire others to do their best.

Monday: What is Leadership?

Tuesday: How can you be a leader?

Wednesday: Be a leader, not a boss.

Thursday: Examples of Leadership: Funny Videos

Friday: Leadership Story

See your school email or email teacher or Dr. Youngberg for access to announcements.

Lessons for the Week of May 4th

Lesson Plans

These are the universal plans for 3rd and 4th grade all subjects are included. Each subject should take no more than 20-25 minutes per day. Please make sure you follow the instructions and contact your child's teacher if you have any concerns. IF YOU HAVE CONCERNS WITH AMOUNT OF WORK ASSIGNED, ASK YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER FOR THE ALTERNATE LESSON PLAN CHOICE BOARD.

Specialized classrooms will send individualized lessons for their classes to parents. Please contact your child's special education teacher or intervention teacher for more details.

GT classrooms will have additional enrichment activities on their teachers Google Classrooms.

I'm sorry telephone number listed in previous newsletters had a number typed wrong! If you left a message and didn't hear back from me, this is why. I apologize. I just was made aware of the mistake.

Dr. Youngberg

Please feel free to email, call or text me with any questions.