Summer Vacation Page

Create a page for a Teacher Bulletin Board!

You are invited to participate in a "Staff Project!"

Last year we displayed our Teacher Biographies and they were a big about this year we each make a scrapbook page of something we did or somewhere we went on summer vacation?!?!?! We can display them in the hallway for the kids and parents to see at the Open House, and then the students can be invited to make a page of their own summer vacations. They could bring them on the first day of school...or whenever! Or...they could bring a photo and you could make them in class as a beginning of school writing/art project!


Pick a favorite photo or two of something fun you did this summer and bring it to school this coming week. Take a few minutes to go to the workroom to create your page. You will find 12x12 paper, photo matts, pens, and glue on the table in the workroom. The Cricket and the Ellison Die Cuts will be right there for your use if needed. Make a very simple page...or embellish with stickers, etc....whatever!

Be sure to include your name, a photo(s), and a little journaling of your summer activity (date, name of place, describe the photo if needed, etc.)

Have Fun!

Challenge: Could we have 100% participation by Friday afternoon....PLEASE!!! :)

Just leave your page on the table when completed, and they will be assembled into a display next weekend. Thank you so much! It will be fun to view all the pages!

If you need help....just ask!

Please, please, just takes a few minutes to make a simple page!