How to charge and use battery saver

Learn how to enable battery saver, and the use of charge.

A Step By Step Tutorial

Step 1:

In the settings of your phone, there should be a battery tab, open it.

Step 2:

there should be an enable button for battery saver, or an on or off button. Turn it to on.

Step 3:

that is how to enable battery saver on most phones.


have a non-broken charger, as well as a wall outlet. Plug the charger into the outlet, then into your phone. It should start charging immediately.

The Importance of charging is to be able to use all functions of your phone.

Charging is a very useful thing, especially for communicating. Try charging your phone at night, while you are asleep. This will allow you to wake up to fully charged devices. Try not to bend the cord while charging, cause it will damage the phone's charging port, making charging less effective overall, and it may even stop charging forever.

Declan Anderson