May 20, 2020

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Happy World Bee Day!

Today we pay tribute to the top pollinators of our world. We depend on them and their busy and productive ways. Their continued existence is critical, now more than ever. Thank you, bees. I miss our Ohlone bee friends.

With just a little over two weeks of school left, we are looking forward to celebrations and ways to connect with students to let them know we care about them before we leave for the summer. We can still do this, even from a distance! Next week, we are planning some fun drop-in Zoom activities for students. I will share a calendar of events in the next Ohlone Student Weekly.

In this weekly, you will find information about picking up student materials and dropping off library books. Please let our office staff know if you have questions.

I would like to thank our parents for their partnership in distance learning during this pandemic. I know you are juggling many plates, and we are appreciative of your support in helping your children stay connected and engaged with learning. We could not do this without you. Something to put on your resumé for sure!

There is no school for students on Monday, May 25th. It is Memorial Day, a day when we honor those who have lost their lives serving in the U.S. Military. I hope you enjoy the three-day weekend ahead. Please take care and hug those beautiful children of yours.


Ohlone Principal

Student Material Pick-Up

We are making arrangements for families to pick up student materials on June 8, 9, and 10. Each cluster will have a day and each class will be given a 30-minute block to pick up materials. The schedule will be shared next week. Families will enter through the drop-off zone at the front of the school and we will place bags in trunks. We will need a few things from you:

  1. Please only enter the Ohlone driveway from the Louis and Amarillo intersection. There will be no left turns into the driveway.
  2. Please place a placard with your family's last name with large clear letters and place outwardly on your dashboard. We will need this to quickly gather student bags.
  3. Stay in your car and pop the trunk!
  4. Wear your mask, and we will wear ours along with gloves :).
  5. If you have medication to pick up, please add a large red dot to your family name placard.
  6. Please bring any library books you have at home and have them where you can reach them. We will have a bin for you to put them in from your driver's side.
  7. If you have more than one child and want to come once, please come to your oldest child's pick-up time.
  8. Please arrive as close to your time as possible. Early arrivals will be sent around the block!

Thank you for your patience as we try to make this experience as smooth as possible :). We have 522 students, y'all!

Tech Support - Friday, 5/22

Please come to Ohlone this Friday, 12:00-3:00pm if you need a loaner or on-person technical support.

Annual Data Update (ADU)

Please remember to complete your required Annual Data Update. This is due Tuesday, May 26th. If it is not completed, class assignments will not be emailed per registration services. Yikes! Thanks so much.

Planning for 2020-21

Our district and the Ohlone staff have been engaged in planning for the possibilities that lie ahead this fall as school reopens. This week, over 40 elementary school teachers were invited to provide input during a task force meeting on school reopening. Similar input meetings have also been held for secondary teachers.

Dr. Austin's “Backstage with the Superintendent” webinar featured responses to live feedback through a platform called thoughtexchange. Participants responded to the following questions:

  • What are some thoughts, concerns, or questions that are on the top of your minds right now?
  • What do we need to consider to make sure you feel safe and supported as we plan for an eventual return to classrooms?

If you were unable to view the webinar, the recording is available on YouTube.

In order to continue collecting feedback from those who were unable to attend, the second thoughtexchange question will be open until Friday, May 22. You may also participate by rating the thoughts of others without adding new thoughts to the exchange.

Our Board of Trustees is actively engaging in planning and community support efforts with Dr. Austin, District leadership teams, PAUSD staff, County health professionals, our PTAs, PTAC, and local parent and community organizations.


I am pleased to announce that due to your generous donations, our per pupil allotment from PiE will be fully intact for next year! This will allow us to continue to fund instructional aides, art, music, and dance for each of our students at Ohlone! PiE has also approved a 5% carryover of funds in order to help us plan for the budgetary challenges that lie ahead. Thank you, PiE!

Virtual 5th Grade Promotion

I have been meeting with students this week to hear speeches and read scripts. With the opportunity to integrate a visual component through animation or unique settings, the creativity is knocked out of the park! I am impressed with the maturity, the gratitude, and the reflection from our budding middle schoolers.

John and I are working on some 5th Grade Fun Days leading up to promotion on Monday and Tuesday. I will share more promotion details next week. It's going to be great!

5th Grade Promotion Photos

Please remember to send your 5th grade child's photo to Jane and Heike at ohlonesecretaries@pausd.org by Tuesday, May 26th. We are compiling a lovely slideshow to present when student names are read for promotion. If we don't receive a picture, we will display your child's name. Thank you!

Elementary Visual Art Showcase

The Elementary Visual Art Exhibition is a yearly tradition celebrating student’s artwork through a long term partnership with the Palo Alto Art Center.

Approximately 240 pieces of art were collected and matted by the Spectra team. The Virtual Exhibition was organized and created by Emily Marshall, Gretel Colvert and Dawn Tower Irvine. The work reflects Kinder through 5th grade lessons dedicated to creative thinking, problem solving, skill building and social emotional learning.

This year’s instructional goal for Spectra teachers was to develop learning objectives and lessons that create horizontal and vertical sequencing throughout the elementary Spectra Art curriculum. Under the guidance of Kate McKenzie, Visual Art teacher on special assignment(TOSA), art lessons and objectives have been digitally organized with the goal of aligning learning objectives across the district. Additionally, the Spectra staff focused on new ways to inspire creativity by encouraging symbolic and critical thinking, and engaging students in problem solving, flexible responses and making new connections to art and life.

During distance learning students have turned to art as a way to express their sadness, loss, freedom, joy, and to expand their creative boundaries.

Enjoy the show! - Spectra Youth Art Show 2020

Nancy Coffey, Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator
Kate McKenzie, Visual Art TOSA
Dawn Tower Irvine, Photographer

Superfest Disability Film Festival - Kids Edition!

The Paul K. Longmore Institute will be offering a Superfest Disability Film Festival specifically curated for kids. The entire family can tune in to watch four short films that use the magic of animation to teach disabled and non-disabled kids alike that disability is cause for celebration. It's tomorrow, May 21st. See details below!

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