Reading is Anything But Typical

Anything But Typical By Nora Raleigh Baskin

Jason Blake is a twelve year old kid who has Autism. He goes to see his physiologist a few times a week to help solve what Jason is going through. Jason has a mom and dad who are very supportive, and a little brother named Jeremy. Jason enjoys writing. In fact, Jason has a website account where he shares his stories world wide. Jason meets a girl named "phoenixbird" (Rebecca) on line who really enjoys Jason's stories. As a reward for Jason being so good behavior wise in school, Jason is going to a convention for writing where you take writing classes and share stories with one another. Jason finds out that Rebecca is going too. He's not so happy about it because Jason didn't mention he had Autism. Jason arrives at the convention. He spots Rebecca and he realized that she was blind. They eventually meet up and talked about the writing convention and how they should keep in touch. As Jason went home he had a different perspective of who he is.