By Sophia Armstrong


Hindus usley don't eat beef. Muslims usley don't eat pork. Instead they eat lots of vegetables, some people grow there own food.


One festival is Holi or color season. They put water and colored powder on your face, they also have a bond fire and tell storys.

Life As A Kid

Life as a kid depends on religone or were they live. Poor family's work on farms. Kids sometimes bage for money on the side of the street. Most family's are very big (lots of people).


Climate depends on were you are or what season it is. In some places it is mostly hot, in some places it is cold


Neelgai are the biggest Asiatic antelopes. The usly live up to 20-30 years. Most of them prefer to spend time in open jungles and scrubby grasslands. Adult bulls (boy antelope) weigh about 220kg, cows (girl antelope) weigh 180kg and calves (baby antelope) weigh about 7kg when they are born. They mostly eat woody plants.

Interesting Facts

Chess was invented in India. India never invaded any country other in her last 100000 years of history. Yoga was invented in India too.