National Hat Day

November 25, 2014

International Hat Day

People where hats all over the world. Some people want to keep the heat away from their face, some people don't want people to see their hair, and some just wear hats for fun. There is no known beginning of International Hat Day but some men and women wore hats as early as 3200 B.C. This year at Robious Middle we should be able to wear hats a on November 25, 2014. I feel this holiday is worthy of celebrating because hats can express who you are. For example the hats below show the one man likes soccer and the other hat is for a Steelers fan. We are also not allowed to wear hats at school and it would be cool to be able to wear a hat for one day of the school year. Finally this holiday should be celebrated for fun. It's always nice to add a little humor to your day. When you walk down the hall and see a person with a crazy hat on it kind of just makes you laugh and feel good. Come help us promote International Hat Day at Robious Middle.

-Zach Overstreet