Perfect Phrase

By: Abbie Baze

Noun Phrase

A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. A phrase is a group of words put together. So, if you put those together, you get a noun phrase. A noun phrase is a phrase with a noun in it. Pretty simple!

Verb Phrase

A verb is a action word, sometimes it can link a sentence together. So a verb phrase is a phrase with a verb in it.

What are Articles In English Language?

An article is a word that helps describe a noun. There are only three article in the English language and those are: a, an, the.

"I" The Pronoun

Well, a pronoun is a word that replaces a noun, so if i were to say, my friends, I could replace that with, them. So, if I were talking about myself, and i said my own name, it would be very weird. If I said "I", it would make more sense.
Thrift Shop Parody Song - Pronouns

The DIfference Between Linking Verb and Action Verb

A linking verb is a verb that links a sentence together and a action verb is a verb that shows action. A linking always comes before a action verb, to make the sentence flow.
Linking Verbs Song (Linking Verbs by Melissa)