What is a Pathologist?

Learn all about a Pathologist!

Job Description

A pathologist is a physician who examines tissues, checks the accuracy of lab tests and interprets the results in order to facilitate the patient’s diagnosis and treatment.


The average salary for a pathologist is about $150,000-$180,000. In a study from 2013, most pathologists made around $187,000.


A study is required for medical school admittance, most applicants have earned bachelor's degrees. Since certain science courses are required for medical school admission, pre-medical students may consider pre-medicine programs and science majors; however, any major is acceptable. Required science courses and labs include biology, chemistry and physics. Students may consider volunteering at hospitals or shadowing physicians to gain practical experience. It also requires a minimum of four to five years of post-graduate training in pathology residency.

Careers in Pathology

  • Medical Technologist
  • Forensic Technician
  • Morturary Assistant
  • Cytotechnologist
  • Medical Lab Technician
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What Schools Offer this Degree?

Many schools offer pathology. The schools that are ranked highest for it are:

  • Harvard Medical School
  • UCSF School of Medicine
  • Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  • UNC School of Medicine