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Parent Surveys Happening Now!

Parents, please take our Title I Parent Survey. We need your input in order to help Davis get better and better each day for your scholar. Please click below to take our survey. Thanks in advance!
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Father Daughter Dance...Coming Soon!

Our 2nd Annual Father Daughter Dance will be held on February 17. Please use GoFan to purchase tickets. The cost is $25 p/ dad + 1 daughter and $30 p/ dad + 2 or more daughters. The event is open to Davis Little Ladies only. Other important males or moms are welcome to step in if dad is unable to attend! The QR code to purchase tickets are below!
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Counselor's Corner with Ms. S. Williams

As we continue with the school year, hygiene is an important part of our children's school success. Here are 8 tips to help our boys and girls have a great day at school!

1. Bathe daily! Your body creates bacteria and oil daily that can cause you to smell.

2. Use soap. Water alone will not get rid of the bacteria.

3. Wash your hands after you go to the restroom.

4. Deodorant should be used daily and repeat if you exercise or get sweaty during the day.

5. Wear clean clothes daily. If you wear clothes for more than one day, they will have a build up of bacteria that can cause an odor.

6. Don’t go to bed sweaty or dirty. Taking a bath or shower before bed.

7. Brush and floss your teeth at morning and night. If you are able, brush after meals as well.

8. Clean and trim your fingernails and toenails. Your nails collect germs and bacteria that can smell and make you sick.

Technology Tools with Ms. Robinson, Computer Science Teacher

We are working hard to enhance the school day by offering Computer Science to all of our boys and girls. Our goal is to increase typing skills, computer/internet safety awareness, and use technology to research and learn new things. Here what we have been working on at school!

Kindergarten-Collecting data using simple methods.

1st Grade-Learning how technology has changed peoples lives.

2nd Grade-Identifying research goals

3rd Grade-Conducting basic keyword searches

4th Grade-Using basic features such as headings and images 5th-Design communications with digital tools.

5th Grade-Designing communication tools using technology resources

Theater Time with Ms. Turpin

I love being able to enhance the school day by teaching theater education to our children. There are numerous benefits to having an active arts program at school. Theatre education can help young people develop a strong sense of self and identity, build empathy and learning among peers and broaden the ways they make meaning of the world around them. Currently, our scholars are learning about Greek Methodology and acting out kid-friendly Reader's Theater from that time period.

Second Steps with Mr. Island

The Second Step Elementary program is a universal, Tier 1 social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum that’s web-based, provides the structure to allow for consistent delivery, and easily scales across schools and districts. Its digital format enables continuous improvement based on up-to-date research and feedback, and a variety of media, activities, and interactive components provide opportunities for culturally relevant teaching. All of the Davis Scholars receive 2 30 minute sessions a month to learn more about social-emotional learning.

Our scholars learn about managing feelings, impulse control, and setting goals. These skills translate to home and school success.

Physical Education with Coach Waite & Coach Norris

At Davis Elementary, we seek to encourage and engage scholars. We address the needs of our scholars through movement. We teach our scholars the importance of physical education. Physical education is essential as it provides cognitive content, instruction on physical activity, and fitness. The scholars are actively engaged, learning, and having fun. An active lifestyle leads to a healthy heart. We are keeping our little hearts pumping.

Please support our PE program and wellness by encouraging your child to move at home with limited screen & phone time. An active body helps scholars academically!!