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The hippest jewelry at such an affordable price, you quite simply must take a look. Upon first seeing this unique jewelry line, it was love at first sight. My first reaction, when seeing the lockets, some with Swarovski Crystals, the various charms, for every possible event, all the possibilities for creating something memorable, that speak for you, or that special person you are gifting to, I thought of my granddaughter, my daughter, seeing the charms that reminded me of them both.

Then there are the beaded boho bracelets, I now wear my favorite, the one to the right now graces my wrist. I see the possibilities, the response is tremendous, people are loving this jewelry.

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Holly's La Bella Lockets and Holly's La Bella Chic Boutique

You will love what you find !

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Be Boho Chic ~

With chic style and a Bohemian Spirit...when you wear our jewelry, you are telling the world, I am me, and I am unique.

Perfectly designed with the boho-hippie spirit in mind. Fly that Bohemian spirit well....and proud !

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No buy ins, no cost to you, you market your business. Choose the wholesale option at 50% off all merchandise.

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I've started an online Boutique called Holly's La Bella Chic . I'm enjoying customizing my Boutique, filling it with products, and writing reviews. The cool thing is, I'm actually earning money in the process! In fact, I make up to 25% on every sale.

The transactions are all online so all I have to do is pick the pieces I think my friends will love. My website does the marketing and shipping for me. It's totally flexible, so it fits into my busy schedule.

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