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Week #8 Planet Dixon Enewsletter October 19, 2015

Garden Week: Thank You Mrs. West!

This week was VERY exciting with our daily trips to our school garden! A HUGE thank you to Mrs. West (my mom ;) for making this week such a positive, exciting, educational experience! Students LOVED learning from you!! Thank you to all of the wonderful parents who were able to come in and join in on the fun! Our class photographer and videographer were VERY busy all week- make sure to check out all of the pictures here!

End of Unit Assessments and Goal Setting

This past week students took their first District Assessments and wrapped up both ELA and math units. Please look out for their assessments being sent home attached to goal sheets on Monday or Tuesday (latest). Please (always) spend some time with your child and go through their weekly assessments and assignments and celebrate success and plan for areas that need work. Please sign the goal sheet and send back ALL that is stapled to the goal sheet. This is very important because we will be using these assessments during conferences and are required to keep them in student files.

Test Taking Skills

As I graded the many assessments it was apparent that I really need to work with students on test-taking skills and remind them how important it is to:

1) Read directions carefully

2) Read, understand, and annotate the questions BEFORE answering

3) Write in complete sentences- all assessments (both ELA and math) require them to answer in complete sentences- they cannot get full credit if not.

4) To take their time and NOT rush. I saw so many silly mistakes and I KNEW the student knew the content.

This will be a learning process- students already have improved after our discussion of strategies. Please support at home as well.

Regarding Math Assessment:

In regards to above test taking skills, you will find two of the same assessments (titled Unit 1 Illuminate) being sent home. So many of my students made silly mistakes that I allowed them to retake it after giving them some strategies (and warnings ;) (It is definitely tricky when they get the first problem wrong and then the 2nd one immediately wrong b/c it relates to the first)

Addition/Subtraction Assessment:

I am spending one more week with students on subtraction so you will see the 2nd part of district math assessment sent home next week.

Coming Up Next Week

  • Digital Citizenship Week
  • Begin ELA/Social Studies Thematic Unit: Geography
  • Finish Addition/Subtraction Unit 1 and begin Unit 2 Multiplication/Division Concepts
  • Wednesday: Oct. 21st Unity Day- School Spirit Day- wear orange!
  • Friday- SEES Monster Bash 6-10 p.m

Please click here to access our full calendar and check often.

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