Andrew Jackson HUNTER/HUNTED

The Leader of the White Trash Syndicate

War Record - The Battle of New Orleans, 1812

Andrew Jackson took command of America's soldiers against the British. The odds weren't exactly in Jackson's favor, but as it turns out, that didn't matter. The British had lost with approximately 2000 casualties. The Americans lost less than 1000.This particular battle didn't have to happen, however. The Treaty of Ghent had already been signed, and the War of 1812 was over. Picture from my good friend:

The Trail of Tears

The Cherokee were forcibly removed from their homes and sent to Georgia. About 4000 of the 16000 Cherokees were killed travelling along the Trail. You know how Jackson said that their new home, Oklahoma, would be better? Complete lie. Supreme screw-over, expertly executed by President Jackson. Well done. Got the picture from another fairly trustworthy source:

Final Boss! The National Bank, Resurrected (2nd National Bank)

Jackson couldn't stand the National Bank, thinking it only benefited the wealthy, and not the common man. He made strong efforts to cut off the heads of this money-grubbing hydra. When the law came up once more, Jackson used his trademark ability: Veto. The attack deals MASSIVE DAMAGE and kills the bank. This didn't work out perfectly though. It sent America into a big recession. Spectacular backfire. Picture from the same friend:

Political Cartoon - Jackson vs. National Bank

Here's a thangka (painting) of Jackson fighting the final boss, known as the 2nd National Bank. It's a lot of work (fighting a hydra, I mean) to take down an entire bank by yourself, and contrary to this picture, Jackson had help. When it was all said and done, killing the bank turned out to be a terrible idea. A recession followed. This picture came from a place I've never seen before:

Letter One - Frontiersman (Positive)

May 30th, 1830. I just heard that Jackson signed something called the Indian Removal Act. I don't understand everything about it, but I heard that it'll get those d*** Indians off of my hunting grounds. Well, they're not technically mine, but it is the will of God that these lands be mine. God bless the common man and bless Jackson!

Letter Two - Cherokee (Negative)

May 31st, 1830. Just when I thought this year couldn't get any worse... now we may be forced out of here by the savage white men. I heard a man named Jackson is the one responsible for all of this. I swear to my ancestors, he will not get away with this. We have never been pure warmongers, but blood must be shed for this treachery.