Humans Cause Global Warming?

NO! Global warming is the natural heating of the planet.

The Theory

Over many decades, the idea of humans causing global warming has been analyzed and debated by many organizations and scientists. Global warming is defined as a rise in the Earths temperatures that are believed to be cause by greenhouse gases. The majority of people believe that greenhouse gases that are produced by human activity are causing global warming while the minority of people believes that it’s the natural heating and cooling cycle of Earth. The idea of global warming was first introduced in 1896 by a Swedish chemist named Svante Arrhenius (Ponce). He claimed that the combustion of fossil fuels may eventually lead to a rise in temperatures. Throughout the next century, the temperatures rose causing global panic. During this so called "crisis" the environmentalism industry boomed and is now worth over 1.5 billion dollars. This fraudulent theory prompted many people to become “greener” in an attempt to save the planet. .


The idea that humans are causing global warming is a false theory for a few reasons: temperatures of the Earth provided by scientists for the last 2 billion years show periods of temperature increases and periods of temperature and many of the studies conducted to prove that humans are causing global warming have been funded by environmental industry groups that profit from the global warming myth.

The Facts

The surface temperature of the Earth has increased and decreased over the last couple hundred years. First of all, the Roman Period and Medieval Period, which lasted until 1450, were both several degrees warmer than today's temperatures. From 1450 to the 1800’s the temperature dropped about 4 degrees Celsius. Since the 1800's the Earth's average temperature has increased 1 degree Celsius. This shows how the planet's heating and cooling periods have a pattern. From 1940-1980, the average temperature actually dropped about 0.2 degrees Celsius, even though the carbon emissions skyrocketed from 1000 million metric tons to 6000 million metric tons a year in this time period (Bethell). This proves that carbon dioxide, which is produced by humans, is not causing the planet’s surface temperatures to rise because during the time when carbon dioxide emissions were at their highest, the planet was cooling.

Many supporters of global warming argue that humans are causing global warming. They claim that the planet is "rapidly heating up" due to coal burning plants, deforestation, gasoline burning cars and the increased use of fertilizer (Lidzen). However, this claim is false for multiple reasons. First of all, many of the published studies have been sponsored by groups that profit from results indicating that global warming is a crisis. In order for data to be reliable, it must come from neutral sources. This is not the case with global warming. Due to these false results, the world is panicking and frantically trying to combat rising temperatures.

Putting It Together

Over the last couple thousand years, temperatures have fluctuated up and down as part of a natural cycle. Many studies that support global warming are influenced by the companies funding the study. Therefore we can deem the results of these studies incorrect. So, all together we have proven that humans are ultimately not causing global warming and the results of studies are strongly influence by biased companies. We must stop believing nonsense we see on the internet and just let the earth go through its natural cycle.

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Global Warming is Fake, Fiction, and Lies