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Sports Marketers are the people who handle the business side of sports. Some work for a league or sports association, like Major League Baseball or the National Basketball Association. Others work as sports agents, representing professional athletes, negotiating contracts and endorsements, and otherwise managing an athlete's career. Still others organize sports-related events on behalf of sports organizations, associations, teams, or companies. Many tourism offices and convention and visitor bureaus hire sports marketers to help a city lure important sports events and teams to town.

Skills Required

Leadership- Must be able to effectively lead a team/group to achieve goals. Even when authority to lead is not granted, a marketing director should be able to persuade and negotiate in order to successfully accomplish a task.
Organizational Skills- Must have strong ability to organize material and personnel while maintaining attention to detail.

Creative Thinking- Must possess the ability to think "outside of the box" and keep marketing schemes constantly new and appealing. Develop new angles that produce favorable results.
Written/Oral Communication Skills- Effectively present information and answer questions from clients, managers and the general public. Also, the ability to persuade and listen to others ideas is essential.

Computer Skills- Should know how to use several different computer applications (i.e. Internet, Excel, PowerPoint). Should be able to keep records and develop databases.

Hours Worked

Although the hours can be long and the environment fiercely competitive, sports marketing offers many rewards. Generous salaries, challenging work, and excellent perks such as free tickets to sporting events and the chance to meet pro athletes are only a few of the reasons sports marketing is a popular career aspiration.

Working Locations

There are many working locations for being a Sports Marketer. There some in the Chicago Land area


The average salary for sports marketing jobs is $59,000. Average sports marketing salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits.

Education Needed

Undergraduate students interested in sports marketing should enroll in a bachelor's degree program that includes courses in marketing strategies, public relations theories and advertising principles as they relate to the sports industry. Some 4-year degree programs provide students with an overview of basic business, management and accounting principles.

Job Outlook

Growing; but will remain competitive since this field is so popular

Advancement Opportunities or Related Jobs

  • Marketing principles
  • Business law
  • Communications
  • Organizational management
  • The business of sports
  • Sports marketing
  • Sports economics
  • Sales and sports
  • Marketing research strategies

Schools to study Sports Marketing

Baylor University

Kentucky University

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