Important 4-H Club Notice

Please read this notice from the Ohio 4-H office.

Notice Regarding 990 e-Postcard Filing

As many of you know, the Internal Revenue Service has taken over the responsibility of the 990N (e-Postcard) filing process as of March 1, 2016 from the private firm (Urban Institute) that was handling the filings.

The following url is a link to the new page:

The following Go-link has also been created to allow access to the filing form with one less click:

NOTE: An IRS recommends that no one attempt to file for at least four weeks. This is because they are continuing to work out programming issues with the new site.

NOTE: Those using Explorer as their browser will not be able to complete the filing. Firefox is currently working fine and successful filings have been achieved.

Each person who files for one or more EIN#s under our 5925 OSU Extension group exemption number will need to create a new profile within the new site. This profile is somewhat lengthy and we are continuing to consider how to best reproduce and simplify profile creation from one club/affiliate to the next during this four week delay.

If you want to submit you may be successful but please include the club name/affiliate name on the DBA (Doing Business As) entry line and save the username and password for future access. Our filing deadline continues to be May 15th.

There are currently approximately 280 (under our GEN#) successful 990N submissions for the 2015 tax year according to IRS records. These clubs/affiliates that have filed successfully will not be effected by the change and will not need to resubmit for the 2015 tax year. However, those that submitted prior to March 1st will need to create a new profile before submitting in 2016. However, those who were unsuccessful with their submission should attempt to file again prior to the May 15th deadline.