Marksmen Minute

A Look Ahead to the Week

Homecoming Week

Welcome to Homecoming Week!! Due to some scheduling changes, Homecoming will actually take place on Thursday. Check below for the schedule:

Monday - Hallway decorating contest at school from 4:00pm - 7:30pm

Dress Up Days

M: Marksmen “Country”: Country attire

T: Beach Boys Day: Hawaiian/beach attire

W: Retro Rewind: Retro looks from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's

TH: Rockin’ Red and White: Red and white rock and roll outfits

The student with the best outfit on Thursday will have a chance to dash for $100 cash!

Polar Bear Plunge

This upcoming weekend, the Polar Bear Plunge crew will be heading to Boonville to make their jump into the cold waters. Lucky for them, the temperature is dropping this week and it's going to be COLD!!! Get out and donate to the Penny Wars this week to give to this great cause.

Empty Bowls

The Art Department is putting on a great event for the community and they want your help. This is going to be huge! Students will be making bowls that will be sold at an event in April where all profit will be donated to local charities.

This Thursday, you can come after school and help make a bowl to donate back. Available clay will be given out on a “first come, first serve” basis. When it’s gone, it’s gone. So please RSVP to Mrs. Goodrich if you wish to attend and make a bowl.

Weekly Stuff

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Howdy, February

February is officially here (and has been for about a week). So it's time to look at some crazy holidays again. Let's have a gander.
  • Creative Romance month
  • National Cherry & Grapefruit month
  • Great American Pie month
  • International Flirting week (3rd week)
  • Create a Vacuum day (4th)
  • Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast day (1st Sunday)
  • Wave all your Fingers at your Neighbors day (7th)
  • Singles Awareness day (15th)
  • Do a Grouch a Favor day (16th)
  • Public Sleeping day (28th)

Bad Joke of the Week

What is a dog's favorite song?

Mysteries of the Universe (or of the US)

We all know about the big questions in life, such as why the Universe formed or what the meaning of life is, but those questions are too big and complicated for me. So let's focus a little smaller (and more recent).

  • Death Valley already sounds like a creepy place, but it becomes even more so when you learn that there are giant rocks that move without any noteworthy reason, leaving trails in the dirt behind them.
  • We all know that getting struck by lightning is a rare phenomenon, but did you know that there is an even more rare happening with lightning? Sometimes, in very unlikely and unknown circumstances, lightning will form itself into a ball and "float" around. The most recent recording of this event was in 1984, when it entered a Russian passenger aircraft and exited after floating over the passengers heads.
  • For hundreds of years scientists have had a medieval document, which has been written in an unknown language, in their possession. It is believed to be a book about medicinal drugs and plants due to its illustrations, but the same drawings raise more questions, as they are all unidentifiable plants. It is known as the Voynich Manuscript.
  • The North Bimini Island is an island in the Bahamas, and has an interesting formation in the water around it. To some, it appears to be a formation of a road. To scientists, it is believed to be a naturally occurring tessellated pavement. However, its oddly symmetrical design leads many people to believe that it is the remnants of an ancient civilization.
  • In Russia many grandmothers, or babushkas, wear brown overcoats and a scarf. At the scene of the JFK assassination, a very babushka looking lady was spotted taking pictures. Even though the FBI publicly requested for her to release her footage, she never did. This leads people to think that she was a Russian spy.
  • The Mary Celeste was a ship led by a Captain Briggs in 1872. It departed from New York with intentions of docking in Italy. The next time the ship was seen it was floating in the middle of the Strait of Gibraltar. The ship was completely clean and intact, with the only things missing being the Captain's log and every person on the ship.

Calendar Reminders (and home sports events)

Monday, February 08

Tuesday, February 09

  • HS Boys Basketball vs. Frederick Fraize at 5:30pm

Wednesday, February 10

  • Homecoming King/Queen elections via Chromebook

Thursday, February 11

  • Pep Session at 2:40
  • Empty Bowls making event
  • JH Wrestling vs. Pike Central at 5:30pm
  • Boys Basketball vs. Pike Central at 5:30pm
  • Homecoming during the basketball game

Friday, February 12

  • Homeroom Meetings: Spanish Club in the auditorium, Polar Bear Plunge with Mrs. Hassfurther, Hacky Sack in PE Gym, Robotics with Mr. Teague
  • JH Dance in the Red Apple Inn from 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Saturday, February 13

  • JH Wrestling Duals here at 9:00am

Menu (February 8-12)


  • Breakfast - Pop Tart, cereal, fruit, juice/milk
  • Lunch - BBQ sandwich, onion rings, celery w/ dip, fruit/milk


  • Breakfast - Biscuits and gravy, hash brown, juice/milk
  • Lunch - Chicken tenders, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, green beans, fruit/milk


  • Breakfast - Breakfast pizza, cereal, fruit, juice/milk
  • Lunch - Fish sandwich, potato wedges, broccoli w/ dip, fruit/milk


  • Breakfast - Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, fruit, juice/milk
  • Lunch - Chicken fajitas, corn, cookies, fruit/milk


  • Breakfast - Pancakes, sausage, fruit, juice/milk
  • Lunch - Stromboli, salad, cauliflower, fruit/milk

Bad Joke answer

Dachshund through the snow.

If you have a joke that you want to submit, email it to and it might make it onto the Minute!