Cobra Strike

From the Desk of the Junior/Senior High School Principal

Flexibility is the word of the week.

As winter sports officially get under way this week, it would be great if we had our gym construction completed and practice could run as scheduled. However, the construction got pushed back due to delays on the companies part. Because of this, we had to scramble a bit to get practice schedules put together for the Basketball teams. While not ideal, the Girls High School teams will be practicing from 6-8 am in whichever gym is available at the time. The boys will be practicing from 4-6 pm at either our home court or the Netawaka fitness center depending on what construction looks like. We will make a point of letting everyone know at least the day prior to practice if locations will need to change. Where this could be a major sticking issue that derails the train, all three coaches were able to get together and come up with a game plan for this less than ideal situation. This is a demonstration of the flexibility that our Cobra team has and the ability to make anything happen when they put their minds to it.

Beyond the construction difficulties we will experience, we still have a lot going on here at JH to talk about.

Let's go make a difference.

Derek E. Smith

Honor Flight

This past week, several members of the community met with stakeholders in the school district to discuss getting Honor Flight back up and running. We are planning on taking a trip this upcoming summer. I will be having meetings with the Seniors and Juniors about signing up for the trip. This will not be a simple task, there will be a great deal of fund raising to get the program back up and running. I will let the students know what all will have to go into getting this going.

For those of you that are not aware, the Honor Flight program takes trips to Washington DC that partners students with veterans for the trip. It is an experience of a lifetime for both the veterans and the students.

We have generated a go fund me for the Honor Flight as well as plan on doing several soup suppers for Basketball games as well. We need all the help we can get in order to provide this opportunity to our community veterans and students.

Middle School Turkey Dance

The middle school band will be hosting a Turkey Dance this Friday, Nov 18th, from 7-10 pm. Entry fee will be $3 per student. Parents will be able to come in and take pictures with their students from 7-7:30, then we will ask parents to exit the facility. Once any student leaves the building, they will not be granted reentry. The dress is school appropriate casual and will be held in the Commons. It looks to be a great time for all.

What I really want to highlight about this dance is the fact that it was about 90% put together by a handful of Middle School students led by Sophie Tims. She came to me and asked if the middle school could ever have a dance, I told her to find a sponsor group to put on the event and get it planned with them and away she went. I love it when students take point in putting together events like these.

Adulting Day/ Career Day

This past Tuesday, students from the high school were given the opportunity to participate in the County wide Adulting and Career day events. The Juniors and Seniors went to Holton High School where they had the chance to participate in various learning sessions that included events such as: Self Defense, Personal finance, Civic Duty...

In the meantime, Freshmen and Sophomores had the chance to experience Career day at Royal Valley High School. Here they were in sessions about different careers that included a wide variety of opportunities for students.

This entire event could not have been done had it not been for the support of our local community donating their time to be part of the event. Also the staff of all three schools participating where they were needed. Finally the three High school counselors deserve a huge "Thank you" for the amount of work they put into putting the entire thing together. The whole thing wouldn't have happened had it not been for Mrs. Alley and the other two Schools High School counselors.

Kindness Week

Student Council is sponsoring the Kindness Week events this week. They are a series of activities students can do to celebrate being good to each other. I have always lived by the credo that you must, "Always try to be nice, but never fail to be kind".

Events This Week: Nov 14-19 Buffer Week


Winter Sports Practice Begins

MS Girls BB Vs. JCN @ Home 4:30 Elementary Gym

FFA Leadership Conference @ Holton

Nov 7


Varsity Scholars Bowl @ Sabetha 4:00 pm

Fall Athletic Banquet 6:00 pm


No Activities Scheduled


MS BB Vs McLouth@ Home 4:30 Elementary Gym


Middle School Turkey Dance 7:00-10:00 pm


Gameday High School Cheer Showcase @ Topeka 8:30 am

Derek Smith

I was given the honor of attending an Honor Flight trip while I taught at Southern Coffee County. While I am a veteran, I went as an adult guardian on this trip. It absolutely changed my life forever more. Before this trip, being a veteran was just something I was. However, after taking this trip and getting to know fellow veterans and share our own personal struggles with each other, it altered my perception of being a veteran and part of a brotherhood. I also got the chance to see how much of a life long bond it makes between these students and the veterans. I am proud to be able to be a part of getting Honor Flight back up and running here at Jackson Heights.