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Monthly Newsletter February 2021


Mr. Bryan Munn, Petrova Elementary Principal

Mrs. Katie Laba, Petrova Elementary Dean of Students

OFFICE: 518-891-4221

BUS GARAGE: 518-891-2859

IT HELP DESK: 518-897-1608

Bus Schedules:

Lunch Menu:

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February Dates

Friday, February 5th Petrova Pride Day! Wear your favorite Petrova shirt or something red!

Friday, February 12th Wear RED Day!

February 15-17th--NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, February 17th (no school, but Art Club is still on)

Art Club 3:30 p.m.

Thursday, February 18th

Petrova Parent's Club 6:30 p.m.

Friday, February 19th

100th Day of School

Congratulations to our Character Superheroes!

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Remote Learning

If your student is participating in remote learning....we need your HELP!

To be successful, students need to be prepared and ready for remote classes ON TIME. Please log into your class early with all materials, pencils, and books that you will need for the class. Please use the bathroom before you get to class so that you will not interrupt instruction.

Please make appointments for times other than during instructional times. We need our students to be there for class time.

ALL instructional materials need to be picked up EVERY Friday from 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at Door #2. Your teacher will let you know what needs to be picked up. It is VERY important that all materials are picked up. Teachers work extremely hard to get the packets ready for our remote students, and the students need the materials for their week of instruction. Many packets are not being picked up, and therefore students are not able to fully participate.

If your remote student participates in extra services such as speech, OT, PT, please make sure they are logging in for their services. Many students are not logging in and it is on the service providers' schedules.

So, we need your help to make remote learning as successful as it can be. Please encourage positive behavior during Google Meets and preparation for daily instruction.

We appreciate your help!

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Happy February Petrova!

Dear Petrova Family,

What a fantastic month we have had here at Petrova. To hear students playing outside and in their classrooms makes us all happy! Thank you for your continued support as we navigate through our COVID protocols and rules in order to keep our students and staff healthy and ready to learn. Here are some reminders as we move ahead.

To our students and families participating in remote instruction: please continue to communicate with your student's teacher. DOJO is a great form of communication. Please note that teachers might not be able to answer emails or DOJO messages during the instructional day. If there is something that needs to be communicated regarding dismissal plans, etc, please call Mrs. VanWeelden in the office at 891-4221.

Also any student (remote or in person) who is not able to attend class on a given day, please call Mrs. VanWeelden in the office to let her know. Thank you!

Please have your student bring in their winter clothing everyday to school. Students will be waiting outside in the morning to enter the building and many classrooms enjoy playing outside for some fresh air.

Thank you!

There has been some questions about students moving from remote to in person instruction.

Students who are currently fully remote will need to stay fully remote until February 22nd. At that time, families will be contacted about their instructional choice for the next five weeks (in person or remote).

If a student is currently in person, we are asking that your student either needs to remain in person, or go fully remote for the next five weeks. We have had quite a few students make a daily decision about coming to in person instruction or logging in at home and then returning the next day.

As you can imagine, this is difficult for staffing and on students and their routine. In addition, students do not have the materials that they need for remote learning. So we are asking that students either be all in person, or all remote.

Wednesdays will remain a remote day for all students.

Students who are in person, may be remote on days of an appointment or sickness ONLY. Just choosing to be remote for a day is not an option. Please notify the office at 891-4221 that your child will be remote for that day and the reason for them to do that.


Accurate attendance in the building and for students who are learning remotely is very important. If your child is not going to attend school for any reason, please call Mrs. VanWeelden in the morning at 518-891-4221 and provide the reason for the absence. We thank you for your help.

Dress For the Weather!

Please send your student to school with a warm jacket, snow pants, gloves, a hat, and warm boots. Students do wait for a bit in the morning at arrival, and also like to spend some time outside during the day getting fresh air.

If you are in need of a winter clothing item, please let Mrs. Laba know at

Arrival/Dismissal Times

Please keep to the designated times for arrival and dismissal. This will help us follow our procedures in a safe and orderly way.

K-3 Arrival is 7:35-7:45 a.m.-----Dismissal is 1:40 p.m. for Parent Pick Ups

4-5 Arrival is 8:50-9:00 a.m.-----Dismissal is 2:50 p.m. for Parent Pick Ups

Thank you for your help.

Valentine's Day

Your student's classroom teacher will let you know how your individual classroom will celebrate Valentine's Day due to COVID restrictions. The whole school will wear red on Feb. 12th and will have a snack courtesy of Mrs. Pino and the cafeteria staff.
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