Sculptor and Artist

Birth to Death

Donatello was born in Florence, Italy, in 1386. Donatello died in Florence, on December 13, 1466. He was 80 when he died, which is very old for that time period.

Donatello's Life

Not a lot of biographical information is known about Donatello. He spent most of his life in Florence, Italy. He was raised as a plebeian, middle class, even though Donatello is a descendant of the Bardi family. He was patronised to build sculptures by many different people, including the Medicis. He was also apprenticed to Ghiberti, before he left to go work with his church. Donatello created many famous pieces of work including "David" and "Saint Mark". But he is also famous for his paintings, such as "The Feast of Herod".

The Feast of Herod

This piece was created in 1427 A.D.

It is located on the bapistry of the Siena Cathedral in Italy

This piece is one of the few two dimensional copper sculptures Donatello made, he mainly focused on three dimensional pieces

The Feast of Herod was one of Donatello's earlier pieces and is noted for it's different perspective

This piece exhibits realism because realism is the portrayal of humans and this sculptures shows humans in a certain environment reacting to an event that has been shown to them, in this case, the beheading of John the Baptist