Dakota Mesteth

capital city

Hanoi the population is 92,477,857

physical features

fasi pan is the tallest mountain in Vietnam to 10,312 ft.
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  • 1847 France invades Vietnam. France won the war. 1427 China loses by the Vietnamese people. in 2005 phan van khail.

people and places

  • Vietnamese is a monosyllabic language. It is located on the eastern edge of the Indonesia. Vietnam is long and skinny shaped like as covering 994 miles. Vietnam deltas separate by mountains and a large plain


  • the people like to play valley ball and soccer
  • most families eat rice
  • there is Holidays but the most important is Tet Nguyen Dan
  • most kids live on small farms


  • most of the people walk or on buses and the buses are falling apart
  • the most 3 powerful is the president,the prime minister, and secretary general
  • they ride bikes and motorcycles
  • people are leaving to go to cites to work in factories

my choice

  • the water buffalo is a mans best friend there
  • wild animals are tigers,black bears,large poisonous snakes, elephants,leopards,and crocodiles
  • one of Vietnam's rivers is Hancang river


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