Will pipkin

my personality

animal: Sable

some of the positive things about being a sable are i'm very attractive to the opposite sex and very popular among my own ;) other positive things are i promote a seance of well being in those who are around me, i am also calm and cool so there is'nt much stress with me.

color: Blue

some of the positive things about being blue are i'm very loving and outgoing, sentimental, agreeable, and harmonious.


my animal has careers in racing cars, team sports, and music, but i'm going into the military(NAVY), so i'm kinda going away from my animals jobs, but iv always wanted to race dirt track so maby some day i will

how will i influence this class?

i think i will have a positive influence on this class because i make friends easily and get along with almost everyone. and i like to get things done quickly so i will motivate people.