My Introduction

By: Jackson Emerson

About me

Hello my name is Jackson. I have 2 stepbrothers, 1 stepsister, 2 sister, and one brother.I enjoy playing as well as watch baseball and I look forward for the high school baseball team. I love the Kansas city Royals! I also play the violin, viola, and the piano. I enjoy reading books, playing games such as tennis, and studying Warfare through out history. I like to travel and learn about new places all over the world. In 2 years I will be traveling to the British isle and Scandinavia for my high school trip. I'm very excited to have the ability to be able to travel to those places as they're so of the most interesting places I've ever read about Historically. As I said, I love to play baseball as I have been playing baseball for 8-9 years of my 14 year life. I play Catcher, 3rd baseman, 1st baseman, and Pitcher.
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