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November 16, 2020

...A Special Hybrid Learning Edition!

About Colt Connection...

Colt Connection School-Based Youth Service Program

The School Based Youth Services Program (SBYSP) initiative was started throughout the State of New Jersey in 1987 to help young people navigate their adolescent years, finish their education, obtain skills leading to employment or continuing education, and graduate healthy and drug free.

Adolescents have numerous concerns and problems. Since a substantial number of teenagers have multiple problems that call for several different services, SBYSP provides an array of employment, health, and social services. Services are available to all youth and recreation is provided. In addition to the following core services, each site develops services which respond to local needs, such as on-site child care, so that teen parents can stay in school.

The major services are:

Mental health and family services
Healthy youth development
Access to primary and preventative health services
Substance abuse counseling
Employment services
Pregnancy prevention programs
Learning support services
Family involvement
Referrals to community based services

One-Stop Shopping
SBYSP sites, which are located in each of the 21 counties in or near schools in urban, rural, and suburban communities, are open to all youth ages 10-19, and provide services before, during, and after school, as well as throughout the summer. The comprehensive "one-stop shopping" design helps break down barriers and bureaucratic roadblocks that too often prevent young people from obtaining services and supports. School-Based Youth Service Programs exist in about 100 schools throughout the state of New Jersey

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Hybrid Learning Bell Schedule!

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A Welcome Back Message from Colt Connection!

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Colt Connection is open and available for student support...

As CRHS students re-enter the building to begin hybrid-learning, Colt Connection is ready and available to assist students and support their learning here in the building!

Interested in making an appointment?

Students may request an appointment for a counseling session by emailing a staff member (see contact information above).

All counseling sessions are offered virtually using the HIPAA compliant, safe, and secure online platform. For those students returning to the building on 11/17/2020, in-person meetings may occur during the school day. Everyone must wear a mask while in the Colt Connection office. Counselors will make their best attempt to make an appointment during the school day that makes the least impact on the students’ academic success.

Email any Colt Connection staff member for more information!

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Anxiety in a Covid-19 World!

Tips for tackling anxiety during a Pandemic... and a focus on hybrid learning!

It’s nothing like the year they imagined. Instead of finishing off the school year with the typical fanfare and spending the summer working and spending times with friends and family, teenagers have spent the last eight months or so at home, doing remote learning and being distanced from many friends.

What’s Happening Right Now:

  • A survey of 1,000 teens by the Allstate Foundation and market research firm Morning Consult found that teens are feeling stressed about a variety of issues.

  • When asked how they feel about the upcoming school year, the most common responses from teens were uncertain, nervous and stressed.

There once was hope that the new school year would signal a return to normal, but as schools unveil their back-to-school plans, things look anything but normal. The stress and uncertainty is starting to weigh on teens and could have lasting effects on the rising generation.

This year’s back-to-school butterflies feel bigger than before. After a strange end to the 2019-2020 school year with most students doing some form of distance learning, many school districts have tried in-person learning, organized hybrid models, or are fully remote which has added to the stress and anxiety for both students and parents.

The move to fully online learning or hybrid learning, or even attending in-person classes with masks and social distancing, is weighing on students. Many feel worried about keeping up with their classes with the changing formats or not being able to take classes that don’t translate well online, such as art or physical education. The social aspect of back to school is also impacting teens. During a time of year when teens are usually excited to be back with their friends at school, they are instead worried about staying social and missing out on sports and other activities that have been cancelled or adjusted.

Adding to the stress of back to school are other happenings in the world. The simultaneous events of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 presidential election and Black Lives Matter social movement have all made teens worried about the future—both their individual futures and the future of the country. 73% of teens say world events over the past six months have made them more worried about their future.

That worry is affecting all areas of teens’ lives. The survey found that 56% of teens are worried about their mental well-being, and more than 60% of teens say anxiety keeps them from being the person they want to be. In many cases, simply managing their stress levels takes priority over setting long-term goals.

Although teens are concerned about the future, they also feel a responsibility to make a positive change. The vast majority of teens (81%) said taking a stand is very important or somewhat important. About half of teens say they feel empowered to create the changes they want to see in society, especially surrounding racism.

How can we talk about anxiety and return to school?

  • Discuss issues in depth, encourage healthy interactions and recognizing others’ points of view. Provide honest, factual information and engage your parents and friends in shared decision-making.

  • Talk about safety, and review the school safety plan. Understand that the school authorities are keeping you safe. Monitor anxiety closely.

  • Signs of anxiety may include: sleeping and eating disturbances, agitation, increase in conflicts, physical complaints, delinquent behavior and poor concentration.

  • Practice coping skills, including:

  1. Make deep breathing, meditation, yoga a part of the daily school routine
  2. Talk about emotions and how they impact our behaviors
  3. Focus on the positive
  4. Establish and maintain routines, especially routine when walking in the door from school, everything from handwashing, maybe removing clothes, to snacks and homework
  5. Know when concerns are escalating and begin to impact daily functioning, and reach out to your support group if needed - connect with a parent, close friend, trusted adult like a teacher or coach, a school counselor, or to trusted church youth groups or faith community.

College Planning & Readiness... Check Out These Updates!

HESAA/Financial Aid/College Planning Night

CRHS is hosting a Financial Aid Information night.

November 17th @ 7pm – VIRTUAL (check Naviance email for the link to join)

This presentation is for anyone interested in paying for college and/or trade school.

If you cannot attend, do not worry the PowerPoint presentation will be available on the school’s website by the end of the week

Virtual Career Council Inc. College Fair for New Jersey High Schools

Thursday, November 19 - 11AM - 3PM

-You are invited to attend and may register until the day of the event.

- The Fair is open to ALL seniors, juniors and sophomores, parents and teachers.

PLEASE NOTE--though once opened, the links indicate specific counties of New Jersey, please disregard, as EACH FAIR IS OPEN TO EVERYONE!

ICYMI: “Going to College in New Jersey” is Now Available Online

The updated version of “Going to College in New Jersey” was recently posted and is full of helpful tips for students and data about college costs, available programs of study and career paths, and key deadlines for college applications and financial aid. Here is a link with information about “earning a great education here in New Jersey, where you can Learn More, Earn More, and Be More!”


Did you know that a monthly SCHOLARSHIP NEWSLETTER is sent to your email by the Guidance Department? So much money, so little time! Do not hesitate on getting all the money you can to pay for college/trade school.

There are also many different websites you can register with that will help you find scholarships! Contact your school counselor or Mrs. Prater for more information.

If you are eligible for a fee waiver, please see your counselor.

You can contact Mrs. Prater at prater@CRHSD.ORG

Face Mask Information:

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