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Buy Your Yearbook Today!!

Now is the time to purchase your 2014-2015 yearbook. It is easier than ever to order with a couple of options. You can complete an order form and return it to the school or go online to the Jostens website and order directly from the company. Don't let the opportunity pass by, purchase your yearbook today!

Last Opportunity to Purchase A Yearbook!

Now is the time to purchase a 2015 Yearbook, supplies are limited!

Create a Custom Ad for Your Student’s Yearbook

The Yearbook staff of 2014-2015 would like to announce that we are now accepting PDA’s! What’s a PDA you may be thinking? It’s a PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION! Each year, we set aside a special ad section in the yearbook for friends and family to congratulate members of the graduating class.

Your special someone will only graduate from high school once, but your personal display of affection ad will be a permanent way to bring a smile, in remembrance of your love and support during this time in their lives. We can even keep the ad a secret until the yearbook is distributed.

There are a few ways to place your PDA in the yearbook:

  1. Send in pictures and/or a message and the yearbook staff will create it for you.
  2. Create your own using a program such as Microsoft Word (be sure to save it as a jpeg). E-mail your finished PDA to blufkin@sau36.org
  3. Go to Jostens Ad Service online where you can create and pay for it directly through the site.

*Please pay in full when you decide to place the ad

Support the Yearbook

Businesses' can show support of the making of the yearbook by purchasing ad space. There is a variety of sizes and can be customized. Complete the ad contract and return it to the high school.