So you want to lose weight?

It's challenging but with proper HEALTHY tactics, possible

What is healthy weight loss?

  • Losing weight over a span of time
  • Making it an on going lifestyle not just about the "diet"
  • Burn more calories than you intake
  • Reduce calories intake from 500-1000 calories a day
  • Work out approximately 60-90 minutes multiple times a week

Tips for Losing Weight

  • Make a list of your eating habits or a "food journal"
  • Highlight habits that lead you to over eat
  • Focus on a few unhealthy habits at a time
  • Create a list of "cues" (Why do you eat when your not hungry?)
  • Eat slowly
  • Set a portion size that you plan to eat before you start eating
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep
  • Reinforce your habits
  • Stay positive and never give up (some days will be worse than others)
  • Be patient results take time to see


It is important to be reflecting on your new habits and progress. It is also important to replace old habits with new ones, and reinforce these changes in your life.

Exercise Ideas

Tips to Stop being Bored at the Gym

  • Listen to a book on CD, rotate activities after each chapter
  • Purchase a new workout outfit (it works!)
  • Workout with a friend
  • Download a new playlist
  • Try a new class
  • Switch classes
  • Split the cost of a couple personal training sessions with a friend/family member
  • Workout at a new time
  • Try a new gym
  • Make it a goal to try every piece of equipment in the gym in 2 weeks, one month, etc.