Los Angeles is a city in the south of California in the USA. It is a very big city. Its got approximately over 18 million inhabitants.

The climate in Los Angeles is Subtropical-mediterranean climate. In winter is it mildly cool to warm. In summer it is warm to hot and almost completely dry.

Los Angeles was founded in 1781 by Spanish governor Felipe de Neve. It is a modern city and has lots of things to see. Los Angeles is famous for its Hollywood sign, amusement parks, shopping centres, Universal Studios... In Los Angeles:

-You can see the famous Hollywood walk of fame.

-LA has also got beaches,for example: Malibu beach.

-You can also find some museums.

There are lots of things to do in Los Angeles. You can go sightseeing, you can also go hiking, go swimming in the beach, sunbathe, go cycling...

The main industry in LA is manufacturing and tourism.

Tourists usually love going to the Universal Studios. They also like going to the Santa Monica Pier and ride on attractions or go to the beach. They like visiting the Hollywood walk of fame and love taking fotos with the stars on the floor. Some tourists like going for hikes and seeing the Hollywood sign.

I think Los Angeles is a wonderful place. Come and enjoy it! It's a fabulous place for family fun. It is such a beautiful city and you will love it!

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Come and enjoy a beautiful vacation!