Hi People!!

hi :)

What I Am Going To Blog About

Hi my names leilah. I am a very creative and out going person. I love kids and i also am sometimes depressed and i am hoping this blog will help me be happier.

I will be blogging about A LOT of things. hears a list

- Diys

-Hair and fashion tips

- Day to day life

-How to cope with depression

-how my life as a gay girl is going

January 10th 2016

It's finally 2016!!!!!! My resoulution was to come out of the closet with my family but that did't happen :( I guess im just not ready yet. Today i went ice skating and enjoyed my last day of freedom with my sister ( Aka by bff). I was in a really psitive mood did some cleaning and stuff the the foot ball game came on. My family loves foot ball and i don't like it its just no intresting to me. well thats my day gtg i will blog again tommrow.