Perseverance Character Study

By: Kyler Solm


Perseverance is to not give up even in tough times, and you keep doing what you can and keep trying. The people I will be sharing with you are people who persevered in their work:

Nadja, Lorenzo, Caine, Smallest Dragon boy, Walt Disney, and Matt from Raven's Gate. This newsletter will show you and other readers how people work hard and don't stop especially with some adversities in the way, they learn how to overcome these adversities their own way.

Nadja and Lorenzo

Compare and Contrast
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Caine is a child who was just 9 when he created the best cardboard arcade around, it was built at his father's shop. He asked his dad if he could make a arcade, but his dad said that they don't have any resources for a real arcade, Caine turned to the cardboard and great ideas struck him. Another reason he is in my persevering newsletter is he persevered in his work and never stopped working on his cardboard arcade. But once he finished, no one would want to play. No one would want to go to an arcade made significantly out of cardboard because they would think it wouldn't work out. The adversity will affect Caine and his cardboard arcade. So eventually, Caine didn't look forward to go to his father's shop to see his cardboard arcade not to be played with. Until one man came, this man wanted to try out this arcade and found it to be fascinating, but also realizing he was the only customer to come ONLY for his arcade, he wanted to do something about it. He went through the internet, trying to make him viral and also make funds for him. He became viral quickly and raised a lot of money for him. Another day, Caine thought no one will visit and later went to visit Chuck E. Cheeses with his dad. But that was only to distract Caine, The dad and the customer was setting a big surprise to Caine for his outstanding cardboard arcade with thousands of people to show up for it. When they had soon left Chuck E. Cheese, the surprise was ready. They head to the store and Caine sees lots of people, and also Jack Black! He gets out the car and became very triumphant about his arcade and never stopped working on it ever again. I will bet he will muster this whenever he has a bad day.
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Walt Disney

When Walt Disney began his studio for movies, he faced a lot of hatred in his work, and I will explain that in a bit. So Walt Disney started a studio and began to work on it for all his life, he also faced a lot of adversities which he would soon overcome such as the hatred from some used-to-be fans and also found a lot of bad messages in his work such as those adult jokes you might have heard in some Disney movies that weren't removed. But he decided that the choice of hatred in his movies is their opinion, and that there are still others around the world that love his work and for some of the bad messages in movies, he would later remove from the movie. And whilst he persevered in his work, he has discovered triumph in his work. He is now finally well known to make the best animated movies alongside DreamWorks.
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Raven's Gate: Matt

For my book research, I chose Matt because he has faced a lot of adversities. He was captured and detained but didn't want to go to jail and he chose to live with Mrs. Deverill and he found it to be worse than jail. He suffered and hoped he could leave until he was being helped by a local farmer but was later killed and the body suddenly disappeared and was replaced with another farmer. Near the end of the book he defeats these bad villains and saves the down from any new sort of danger. During his trip to save everyone, he overcame how Deverill was actually a witch and how they could have exploded the whole town in the nuclear reactor, he overcame it for the world.
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