Brayden Cox

My Smore Flyer

SWH "Shake it Off" 5 Second Dance
4x4 ATV Ride on the Powerlines in NE Ohio April 2011
Airborne Semi Truck
Kansas Jayhawks basketball highlights 2013-2014

About Me

I have two brothers one is older. The older one is named Logan. The little one is named Kyler. My dad is Named Brian. My mom is named Monica. My dad works at Northern Nature Gas. I like to hang out with my best friend we have lots of memories. I have 3 atvs and 1 dirtbike. The truck I want to drive to highschool is a Dodge or Chevy.


Thursday, Dec. 25th, 7:30pm

Plains Kansas

Google is a very good website to search things on. It brings up directly the things you are looking for it even brings up photos that you search.

About My Family

One of my uncles has a very big hay service. He has 6 semis. My another uncle works for Ups he has worked there for almost 25 Years. He also loves to hunt. My little cousin loves to ride atv he is just like me. Aka His nickname is (Putter but And mine is Charlie Brown). My brother is more of a city slicker. He does not like to hut as much.