Mr. Purcel's Open House

Chemistry class is in session


My name is Mr. Purcel I will be your Chemistry teacher this year. I am so excited to teach you and get to know all of you.

A little about me: I am from Plymouth, Minnesota and went to Indiana University for a degree in chemistry based education. I have wanted to be a chemistry teacher since I was in tenth grade. I love music, I love playing basketball, and I love teaching. This is going to be a great and exciting year.

The Open House

Open house time will be at 8:00pm on Monday September 14 at Aspen High School room 213. We will talk about what students can expect from my class, tips in preparation of studying for this class, state standards that students will learn in my class, and so much more.

Aspen High School address: 0235 High School Rd, Aspen, CO 81611

Contact Me


School phone: 970-925-3760