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April 2016


Thank you for visiting this monthly newsletter for teachers, parents, and community members of District 97. Each month, D97 teacher librarians collaborate to bring you useful information, and highlight some of the things our students are learning in our libraries.

We love to hear from you! This month's collaborating teacher librarians are:

Jeannie Linss jlinss@op97.org, Hatch

Carolyn Frame cframe@op97.org, Lincoln

April Dates of Note

Month Long Celebrations

National Library Month

National Poetry Month

National Humor Month

Stress Awareness Month

Keep America Beautiful

International Guitar Month

Day Celebrations

Pick up a Library Book!

What does a cumulonimbus cloud look like?

Britannica Images and Encyclopedia Britannica are a great place to find out. We have access to these two wonderful resources through a grant written by the teacher librarians. Ask a student what the login in and password are; if they don't know, remind them that they go to D97 schools to learn all sorts of things. If they still can't remember, email your teacher librarian.
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