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Successes in May and Opportunities Coming in JUNE!

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Getting to Know ...

Crazy, busy life how about you? Since many of you do not know me and we have not met each other, I want to start sharing just a little about myself and you (if you don't mind sharing with our team) each month and would LOVE to hear back from you! Hoping to get to meet you as we share doTERRA together around this great country!

As some of you know, we lost our house and belongings to a fire last day of Feb. 2014. So we have been living a very interesting, nomadic life since then. This weekend we are moving from a cute little cabin on a lake (1 mile from our property) that our neighbors have so generously opened up for us to use during this past winter. Now we are moving back into a 5th wheel. Hoping that our next and hopefully last move will be this fall, into at least a partially finished home!

We live in the beautiful mountains of Montana, close to Glacier National Park, Canada and Idaho. My husband and I have 3 children: Miles lives in TX works as a paramedic, Lexi is a CNA and is waiting to head off to college this fall/winter and Davis will be starting 9th grade this coming year. We have homeschooled them through all of their education.

By profession I am an Occupational Therapist and have been working for four different situations prior to the fire, (hospital, out-pt rehab, home health and skilled facility), but as I share doTERRA with more and more people I have been letting go of my different places of employment (so excited!!). I have only one place left and hope to be able to stop the long commute (with the hazards of many, many animals) that I make. My goal is to share and educate others about doTERRA full time this fall.

What are your declarations, goals, dreams and passions? If you feel free enough to share a bit about yourself I would love to post what I can each month so we can build a stronger, more connected team. Stay encouraged and continue to share hope so others can build bridges to health (physical, emotional, financial, social, etc.).

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FREE Sunsational Kit with every single 200pv order in JUNE (up to 4 orders per household)

Sunsational Flavors! These summer kits are always so much fun because not only are the oils contained in the kits delicious, they of course contain the amazing health benefits of CPTG essential oils. I'm so excited to get to know Cumin, a first-time offering!

Here is the link for details ad official rules:
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Diamond Club!!

What is Diamond Club? "Diamond Club has the potential to completely transform you, your team, and your business in a way that nothing else can. Don't miss this unique opportunity." Emily Wright Exec. VP of Leadership Development

But what is it:

"Diamond Club is an opportunity for dōTERRA WAs to ignite their business by generating new business and momentum through events. The purpose of Diamond Club is to help WAs reach Diamond by establishing new leaders and sales teams outside their local area while continuing to support and build their existing home team.

We recognize that many WAs have a desire to build their dōTERRA business, but do not have the necessary resources to hold events and provide support in areas away from their local area. Diamond Club offers a travel reimbursement program and special enrollment incentives to provide the resources necessary to develop new leadership teams outside their local influence." doTERRA

If you are not ready yet or are qualified to participate in DC, be sure to support your upline and those that you have on your team who do qualify and want to participate. You can benefit greatly from their willingness to be in Diamond Club. It is not for the faint of heart!!

How can you support those wanting to participate in DC:

Be sure and place a 100pv order in June (June is the qualifying month to be able to participate in DC Aug-Nov 2015)! Also, as you share or build, be sure you are making your 2 contacts every day and sharing EO samples! This prepares you to have people qualified and ready to attend classes allowing a DC'er to help YOU share, educate and build in your area. DC'ers work hard, to help YOU!

Why: This will spread the wonderful benefits and opportunities doTERRA offers to those in your area of influence. DC leaders travel to help you and your team, offering incentives (oils) that doTERRA provides to DC'ers for new WAs who enroll at a DC class.

Questions: Please ask the person who enrolled you or ask on our TEAM FB Group Page or personally contact me. Let's work together to educate and share with others "Bridges to Health, (Hope and Happiness too)"!

Diamond Club Prep Call

Want more info about Diamond Club?

Join the call with Kylene Lessig, Kalli Kamauoha Wilson, & Amy Wilson Glenn

Tuesday, June 2nd at 11 a.m. MDT
Dail-In: 1.559.670.1000
Access Code: 613838#

June is the qualification month for the next round that will run August - November 2015.

QUALIFICATIONS: Premier rank or higher, 3 new WA enrollments of 100 PV or higher, 5 WA's on at least 100 LRP in your local area + 5 in ONE away area (75 mile radius) on 100 LRP or higher in JUNE.

Team Tikvah Weekly Calls

TEAM CALL: Thursday's at 9:00am PDT (and Arizona time)/ 10:00am MDT/ 11:00am Central/ 12 noon Eastern)

Login to or

Dial-In Number:1-650-281-0004 Passcode: 265811

A GREAT place to learn, ask questions with our Diamond Rank Leader: Kylene Lessig

You won't want to miss it!

"Join doTERRA (Laren & Donna Stafford) FB Group Page" Winner Is ....

Congratulations to Terrie King! So glad you are part of our FB Group Page now. I will send your Deep Blue Rub as soon as you contact me (email, text, or phone) to confirm your mailing address!
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9 Weeks Recorded Now

Course Description

"Join Makay Tautu, a brand new Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, as she gets mentored from the ground up by Kalli Wilson, a Blue Diamond (soon to be Presidential!).

Makay is much like you were when you first began - she started with little knowledge of the oils, the company and business plan, but after seeing the impact the oils had on her own family (peppermint saved her daughters life), she wants to bring the same blessing to others AND she is committed to going Gold in four months!

These weekly mentoring videos are very raw and authentic meaning you will see Makay in real time as she is taught by the best. You will see her questions, fears, triumphs, disappointments, "ah-ha's!" and more as this process unfolds.

More importantly, you will get to experience a very personal mentoring experience from one of the most successful business builders in doTERRA. So participate as if it were you in the hotseat receiving mentoring and then as the mentor yourself.

By following Kalli's suggestions and homework each week, you will undoubtedly remove barriers in your own success. Additionally, Kalli's process of mentoring is very duplicable so you can use her method as you develop strong and powerful leaders.

So don't miss us each week live on Wednesdays at 10:30 am Mountain Time through July 2015. You can also find the recordings posted here each week."

Price: Free

Makay Mentoring Moments on

Who has been following this great help for each of us in learning better how to build our business and mentor those we enroll? I have and have been learning so much! They are changing how I am doing things in my organization.

Here is a testimony from CHELSEA PIESKE:

"I've been watching!! These videos are so empowering to me and it has given me so many tools and good things to think about and ways to change what currently isn't working . Awesome that we have the chance to watch this amazing training for FREE! When sharing it really isn't about us, it's about serving others and helping them! With building I need to clear my own junk out of my head so I can attract those who will be amazing in my organization. Also, train your builders so they can train their builders and you will have a strong business!"

Thank you Chelsea for that great testimony!!

  • WIN Peppermint Beadlet's: Share your favorite 2 weeks of Makay's Mentoring Movement (MMM) that you have watched along with 2 new concepts that you learned from each those two programs (you will be posting 4 new concepts with the week that you learned them from) and post on "doTERRA (Laren & Donna Stafford)" FB Group Page to be entered to win!

  • Chelsea, I will be sending out a bottle of OnGuard Beadlet's as a TY for you sharing your testimony with us on our FB Group Page.

New Rank Accomplishments!!

ELITE: This is a pivotal rank to reach! This rank qualifies you to go to Elite Retreat in Utah!! All you pay for is to get there and your food! It is a GREAT place to learn and grow! Great job Clint and Lori!

Clint Black

Lori Evans


Becky Zortman - Only been enrolled since the end of March! Yay!


Bertilia Rondon - Enrolled last month! Keep up the good job of sharing!

For more info on Elite Retreat be sure to add yourself to the waiting list for the month you would like to go. Please contact your enroller or me if you have questions to get you set up!

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Sharing/Educating with an Enrollment!

A GREAT job was done by each person here who enrolled a person in May! Thank you for sharing with others and caring about what they need. They don't know this is even an option until we share with them!

Terri Burkhert

Anita Starkey

Chelsea Pieske

Lindsey Parsons

Cindy Grigsby

Brittany Meza

Lori Evans

Unfortunately there was no winner of the doTERRA Sample Oil Case this month (Everyone who had 3 enrollments or more will be entered into a drawing for a FREE sample oil case). Let's do it in June!!

AromaTouch Technique

Want a reason to come to beautiful Montana (only 1.5 hours form Glacier National Park) to learn the gentle techniques of ATT?

Kylene Lessig our upline Diamond will be our instructor on July 31, 2015 Eureka, MT location TBA. Watch for more info on FB group page. Have friend who wants to learn but is no a WA, bring them. This is open to all whether a WA or not. Contact me for more details.

To learn more about ATT go to these links:

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Sharing doTERRA Products in a Claims Compliant Way

Sharing doTERRA Products in a Claims Compliant Way