Harlequin Itchyosis

when a child is born with thick skin;diamond shaped plates

What causes this condition and how can it be prevented?

Harlequin Itchyosis is hereditary disorder; transmitted through recessive genes that come from a chromosome that isn't a sex chromosome. There is no way to prevent this condition.

What are the effects/symptoms of this condition and how can it be detected?

The child is often born premature and small. Their skin is thick and scaly. The eyes are often invisible due to the eyelids being swollen. The baby's ability to suck is affected and they will have a hard time maintaining body temperature. This condition can be diagnosed during pregnancy by taking a sample of the amniotic fluid.

What are some treatment options for this condition?

The baby will be nursed in an incubator and have intensive care cope with the all the problems. Skin creams will be applied will be applied to help the scale plates shed in a few weeks. Special feeding and other treatments are often needed. They will need ongoing intensive skin treatment with creams and courses of retinoid medicine and many require physiotherapy, counselling and extra tuition.