Tropical Rain Forests

Mary Katherine Raynor


Most tropical rain forests are located in North America, South America, and Asia. They are very wet environments so anywhere where rainfall is very frequent would be the place you would find them.


The climate in a tropical rainforests as I mentioned before is very very wet. Although, it is a forests and forests contains hundreds of trees, and trees need water. So the justifiable reason to all of the rain would be that its a necessity for the trees. It normally stays warm as well. If it gets too cold it would freeze the plants and then they would end up dying before they could even sprout. Warm weather is the best weather for a tropical rainforest.
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Types of Plants

There are thousands of different plants species in the Tropical Rain Forests. To mention a few: Bengal Bamboo, coconut tree, Kapok tree, and strangler figs. There are many more than this, but these are some of the easier ones to remember.

Types of Animals

If you thought that there were a variety of plants there are even more animals. The animal ecosystem is so diverse. It is simply incredible that so many different species can live together in one habitat. Some of these animals are: the African forests elephant, Chimpanzee, Bengal tiger, Golden lion, and the harpy eagle.