Literacy Action of Central Arkansas

Taking Action to Improve Literacy

Tutor Responsibilities Contract

I agree to do the following:

  • · Read weekly emails from LACA
  • · Complete and submit weekly tutor reports (including summaries!)
  • · Contact student DIRECTLY in case of cancellation
  • · Start and end each session on time
  • · Fill out the tutor profile form (online)

I agree to NOT do the following:

  • · Opt out of emails from LACA
  • · Alter curriculum without checking with LACA
  • · Expect LACA to contact student when tutor needs to cancel

I agree to contact LACA:

  • · Before initial tutoring session in order to pick up materials
  • · After 4 tutoring sessions (mandatory check-in)
  • · A change in curriculum is desired
  • · Student drops out
  • · Tutor drops out

As a tutor for Literacy Action of Central Arkansas, I agree to follow the above rules and fulfill my obligations as a tutor for Literacy Action of Central Arkansas.

New Tutor Training Format

No More One Day Training

On December 1, 2012 LACA held a basic literacy tutor training event. Instead of the six hour marathon many of you experienced, tutors attended a four hour jump-start. Check-out the timeline for tutors:

1. Attend Tutor Training

2. LACA contacts tutor with student information

3. Tutor contacts student and sets up initial meeting

4. Tutor meets with LACA to get curriculum

5. Tutor and student meet four times

6. Tutor fills out weekly tutor report (online)

7. Tutor contacts LACA for follow-up meeting

8. Tutor and LACA meet to discuss supplemental and progress

9. Tutor continues to fill out weekly tutor reports

10. After approximately 40 hours of tutoring, tutor contacts LACA about TABE testing

11. LACA gives tutor TABE test prep materials

12. After 60 hours of tutoring, student takes TABE

Literacy Action of Central Arkansas

Literacy Action of Central Arkansas is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that teaches reading skills to adults and English skills to non-native adults. We strive to build a community of adults empowered through literacy.

Literacy Action was started in 1986 to provide one-on-one tutoring for adults who needs were not being served by traditional classroom adult education programs in the Little Rock area. Over the years the organization has recruited and trained hundreds of community volunteers who have taught thousands of adults to read. In 1999, he program expanded to offer tutoring to immigrants who wished to improve their English skills. Today, there are adult students from countries around the world who work with tutors to learn English and to use their new skills to fully participate in community life.

Tutors are paired with students who meet together for at least three hours per week in public places in the Little Rock area. Instruction is tailored to the literacy skills and learning objectives of each student. Tutors work with students on practical applications of their new skills so that students see the benefits of their efforts right away. Learning to read or speak English is hard work, but most students see significant progress in the first twelve months of instruction.

All services are offered free of charge. The program depends on the efforts of volunteers who give thousands of ho