Jamestown/ Plymouth

By Sebastian Marin


Jamestown was founded on May 14,1607

it is locaded on the banks of the James River, 60 miles from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay

founded by the virginia company

founded for economic reasons

house of burgesses


It was founded in 1620

they landed in cape cod masachusetts near plymouuth rock

the pilgrims established it

the pilgrims wanted to leave thee church of England so the could be left alone to worship and praise their own fait

the mayflower comppact establishd the idea of self government and majority rule

fun facts


  • On April 1621 governor John Carver dies and William Bradford is elected governor of the Plymouth settlement.
  • On1621 a second ship, the fortune, is sent by the merchant adventurers. The ship arrived with 37 new settlers who were mostly friends and relatives of the colonists


  • When first established they were divided up into three groups. One group was to build fortifications and a storehouse and then some houses. The second group was to plant crops, and the third party was to explore for minerals and a passage to the Orient
  • Susan Constant the Godspeed and the Discovery were the tree ships that got the settlers to Jamestown