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Hello, my Aztec, Incan, and Mayan readers and welcome to my new advice column. These advice columns will be updated every 6 months and will answer your questions. Hope you enjoy and learn some good advice.

Religious Questions

Dear Jenna,

I am a new priest for the sun temple in the Incan empire. I am so nervous for my first ritual this week and I don't know what to sacrifice to the God Inti. I know that Inti is the most important god to our lives and Sapa Inca will be there! I really don't want to mess up please help me!


Answer To Acalan

Dear Acalan,

Wow, congratulations on finally becoming a new priest! I know it can be tough to preform your first ritual however, relax. Remember that different gods control different aspects of nature. So make sure that you sacrifice maybe some live animals like llama's and pigs. However, when you make the ritual to Inti make sure that you make a human sacrifice because the Gods need blood to survive. Children are best because they are believed to have purity that honors the Gods. Also make sure you pray to many Huacas or objects and places that spirits dwell in. I hope that everything goes well for you and that my divination is correct that you will do well!

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Recreation Questions?

Dear Jenna,

I am so bored! I finally got some free time from farming and helping around the house but now I have nothing to do. Do you know of any fun recreational games or events I could go to? Thanks and sorry for the trouble.


Ahuitiztli Answer

Dear Ahuitiztli,

No problem, actually this is a very fun question. There are so many fun things to do out there that it should be no problem to find one that you really like. The first game I can think of is Patolli. Patolli is a game played on a cross shaped board that is divided into 52 squares. The board represents the 260 day calendar and when a player finally circles the board five times the game is over and that player wins. Another game named Tlachtli is played in with two teams, the object of the game was to get a ball into rings with out using your feet or arms. Tlachtli holds religious value and well and the Aztecs believe the court represents the world and the baly or heavenly body. In this game you can bet and even anxiously await the possible sacrifice of the losing team.

Aztec History Questions

Dear Jenna, I am an Aztec that Currently living on an island in the shallow waters of lake Texcoco. However, I am wondering why we moved to this island and why is there so much of our early history missing?


Teco Answer

Dear Teco,

I understand that you may be confused about Aztec history but once you read this hopefully you will understand. When Aztec's first came to the Valley of Mexico around 1250 C.E. they were a nomadic band of hunter-gathers, known as the Mexica. It was hard for the Aztecs to establish themselves in the valley because people already living in city-states thought of the Aztecs as crude barbarians. However the Ancient Aztecs were fierce warriors and were deployed as mercenaries. Your real ancestors were greatly influenced by the Teotihuacans and Toltecs. Ancient Aztecs even adopted a god named Questzalcoatl, a feathered serpent god. Toltecs were praised even higher than the Teotihuacans. However, in 1319 stronger groups forced the Aztecs away form Chapultepec. Eventually again, the Aztecs were finally forced to the lake of Texcoco after accidentally sacrificing a Chief's daughter. When they got to the island in Texcoco the Aztecs spotted an eagle perched on top of a cactus with a long snake in its beak. Because of this sign the Aztecs took it as a sign from God that they should stay here and make the city of Tenoctitlan. As the Aztec empire grew stronger along with Tenoctitlan, the Aztec's leader Itzcoatl, wanted to reshape Aztec history. Because of this he burned records of the Aztecs humble beginnings, and connected the Aztecs to the great Toltecs.

Sorry this answer is so long but there was a great deal of Aztec history that leads up to where you are today, I hope this helped.


Chosen Women Questions?

Dear Jenna,

Who are the Chosen Women, and why were they picked? I really hope that when I have children that they will be picked to be Chosen women. Any tips on how to get my children chosen?


Chalchiuitl Answer

Dear Chalchiuitli,

Chosen women were children between ages eight and ten that were chosen every year. The most beautiful, graceful, and talented girls are chosen every year. Chosen women live in convents and study Incan religion, how to make special foods and drinks, and made garments for Sapa Inca and Coya. After the Chosen women turned 15 they leave their convents and work in temples, shines, or as Convent teachers known as mamaconas. A lot of Chosen women become wives of nobles or the emperor. Very rarely are chosen Women ever sacrificed for important religious events. Most of the time after turning fifteen these women will spend the rest of their lives serving Inti or their husbands. In the end I can't tell you on how to get your children chosen it is all up to your Inti. Although, if any of your children are, congratulations it is a great honor.

Battle Strategies Questions

Dear Jenna,

How did the Incan's expand their empire so much? I don't understand it we Mayan's are very successful but how have the Incan's aquired so much land?


Tototl Anwer

Dear Tototl,

Well, most of the time the Incan's use a certain type of battle plan whenever Sapa Inca wants to include a new group into his empire. Usually a delegate is sent to meet with the tribe, the delegate will explain that if the tribe joins the Inca's they will enjoy peace or if they refuse they have to face the Incan army. Using this strategy is very useful to the Incan's because they don't always have to fight to gain land. If a group does not accept to be included into the Ica Empire then the two sides will meet in battle. Most of the time the Incan's win because they have a very fierce army. When a group does become apart of the Inca Empire they are required to build a sun temple. However, they are still allowed to worship their own gods, but they must also accept the Incan Gods. Local leaders brought their sons to study Cuzco, the Incan laws, and Quechua the Inca language. The Incan's have one big motivator for all the rulers of the Inca Empire to continue expanding and conquering. The Inca's believe that when the Sapa Inca died the land that he conquered is still ruled by that person. This meant that all Sapa Inca were expected, and had to continuously conquer new land. Overall, the Incan's are very efficient and have continuous drive to keep conquering new land. Most of the time the Incan's were pretty nice to the groups they conquered so it's not too bad to be under the Incan rule.

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