House of Sentience

A secluded mansion built with a classical sense of antiquity

The History

Previously owned by the wealthy and artistic family of the Ushers, this house was recovered previously after the wealthy Roderick Usher was found deceased within. This old and rustic residence was part of the great line of the Usher family. The Usher family, for many years, had consisted on wealthy, artistic minds. Unfortunately, the family had ended its long line with the mysterious demise of Roderick Usher, who was found dead in the upper floors of this beautiful rustic house. The Usher house, which has been noted previously to "give little token of instability" is a strong, unfaltering house. Although there are some physical aesthetic blemishes such as fissures in the body of the home, the house is standing strong within the beautiful picturesque forest it lies in.

The Outside

The exterior of the mansion features a long driveway to any of the main road, ensuring the seclusion of your livelihood. The quaint wooded area about the exterior of the mansion replicates that of a horror novel which should excite those that fancy a scare. Budding with mushrooms and other herbal growth, this mansion's structure is lined with an artistic array of flora, which might attract animals nearby so that you may observe nature from your window. In addition to such a fantastic exterior, lies a small "tarn", or pond, for the uneducated, which is able to elicit beauty from anybody's heart. In combination, these outside features portray a dark "atmosphere which had no affinity with the air of heaven", during the evening for the individuals who enjoy an ominous experience, but also includes a lively atmosphere during the day. Finally, the yard is also home to a great tomb that will serve as a great place to put your dead people

The Inside

The inside consists of a 3 floors equipped with 3 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms, perfect for the larger family. The rooms are equipped with a medieval vibe throughout. Each room is spacious, enough wall-space for hanging paintings upon them. Each window is covered with beautiful black drapery ensuring that no sunlight may disturb you, and keeping the ominous feeling within the house. The house also features multiple dim-lighted studios, which will help accommodate your artistic mind. The 3 story tall house will has some eye-popping views of the sunset and long road through your windows and will make your family feel at home with the dreary aesthetics fit for a zombie.


It should be noted, however, that the house has a large fissure slowly splitting apart the sides of the house. This dilapidation has cause the house to "creak" or "moan" whenever the fissure cracks further. This house has also been found to bestow its dreariness upon the buyer, and has instigated many to go insane within it. A murder has also occurred here so if your not into that kind of stuff this is not the house for you. Finally, this is a very secluded area that might, perhaps, cause the buyer to go crazy. This is a fixer-upper.