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Happy September!

Congratulations! We've made it through ONE WHOLE MONTH of school! You deserve to treat yo' self! This month's Tech Tidbits Newsletter is packed with tons of great info, so don't skip over it!

Please enjoy this funny-ish TikTok about 2020 evaluations from one of my favorite (former) teachers, Mr. D.

Just remember, wizards don't exist...

Mr. D Wizard

RCS Announces Distance Learning Hotline for Parents & Students

If you have any parents reach out to you with instructional technology or school issued device questions, please share this information with them.
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New ClassDojo Skills Icons

ClassDojo just released these super cute new skills icons! You should see them in the app now and they will be available on the web soon!
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Speaking of ClassDojo - Are You Using Portfolios YET?

Portfolios are easy to use for teachers AND students! And with the addition of Worksheets, students can now write, voice record, and add stickers to them! Check out this video for more info on how to get started.
Student logins on ClassDojo 🔑

Mastery Connect info from Stephanie Finley

  • RCS has purchased CASE Assessments item banks, which are housed in Mastery Connect. You can access Mastery Connect via Clever or through this link: You will log in with your school email and password.
  • To access the item bank of science questions, please click here for Mastery Connect Instructions.
  • CAUTION! Not all of these questions are good questions. Please use the checklist below to determine if the question should be used on a classroom assessment:
    • Standard aligned
    • Multi-dimensional (look for DCIs, SEPs, & CCCs)
    • DOK 3 & 4 (you can have some DOK 1 & 2, but look for higher rigor questions)
    • Phenomenon or scenario-based

District-wide Benchmarks: (grades 3-8 only)

  • CASE Assessments has also been purchased by RCS to develop two district-wide benchmarks in all subjects that will be given during the 2020-2021 school year--one in the Fall and one in the Spring. For the first science benchmark, a total of 10-12 standards will be assessed. To select those standards, I will be using the pacing section of the RCS Science Curriculum Guides to determine what standards should be covered by November 9th (the first date in the testing window).
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Looking for Incentives for Your Virtual Learners?

Check out these websites for some great ideas!

We Are Teachers - Virtual Rewards

Live School - DL Incentives

iPhone Hack: Scan Anything to PDF - Did You Know You Could Do That?

Click on the pictures to expand & see more details.

Potty PD

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