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The First in SA to Roll Out Accredited BEngTech and Built Environment Bachelors Qualifications

Call for BEngTech, New Bachelor’s Degrees and BTech Applications

In 2017, the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment (FEBE) at University of Johannesburg will roll out its approved three year BEngTech and Bachelor’s Degrees. Consequently, most of FEBE’s National Diploma and BTech programmes will be gradually phased out. National Diploma graduates/alumnus who have not registered or completed their BTech, are urged to register and complete as soon as possible. Application for the BEngTech Degree, new Bachelor’s Degree and BTech are open! ‪#‎UJFEBE ‪#‎BEngTech ‪#‎NewUJFEBEUndergraduateProgrammes #‎BTechPhaseOut

Book a School Visit: Doornfontein Campus

The Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment hosts regular school visit to inform prospective students of the various career choices. School visits include laboratory and technology station visits with Departmental presentations and discussions with our leading academics.

To make a booking, access our online booking form via:

Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment - Inspiring Innovative Engineering Education

The Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment (FEBE) is one of the nine faculties of the University of Johannesburg. FEBE is home to five schools, 12 departments and two technology stations. The Faculty offer both Engineering Technology and Engineering Science undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

In keeping with the University’s quest for Global Excellence and Stature, the Faculty is the first in South Africa to offer global education to the widest range of comprehensive professional engineering, engineering technology and built environment qualifications. FEBE also offers programmes in quality and operational management.

FEBE remains a leading provider of well-qualified engineers, engineering technologists and technicians. Programmes are appropriately accredited by recognised national and international bodies or accords. Over the years, the Faculty has established strategic partnerships within the international higher education landscape and with key industry stakeholders.

Operating within the dynamic and competitive higher education landscape, FEBE is innovative in its approach to teaching, learning, collaborative research, community engagement, international partnerships and remains at the cutting edge of technology.​ The Faculty focuses on the promotion of reflective and critical thinking, novel ways of problem-solving and believes in environmentally sustainable solutions. Programmes are themed to various areas of sustainable development.

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