Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer


As a homeless teen, Magnus Chase tries his best to survive. After his mother died by these wolfs with glowing blue eyes she told him to run. His fellow homeless dudes or caretakers are Blitz and Hearth. But, there is something after Magnus. Is it the same creatures that killed his mother? He has a choice, to stay with his uncle. Which his mother told him to never be around or face death. I'm pretty sure you'll no what he'll chose. What will happen at the end of this book? Will all the mystery of Magnus's past unravel or stay a secret forever.

Powerful Events

I part I found in this book that was powerful was on page 16-17. I know you can't physically see the book, but if you find it read it and see why I thought it was powerful. First off this is the part when Magnus first meets his uncle sense he was only about six years old. Spoilers ahead if you don't want to know what happens. Anyway Magnus enters the mansion of his uncle and finds himself get caught by him. This is bad because Magnus's mom said not to go near Uncle Randolph. This is powerful because it shows when your curiosity gets the best of yourself ethier bad or good things can happen to you. In this case it was bad at first, but then good.

I hope you enjoyed my little presentation and will read the book for yourself! :D