By, Michael Cucchiella and Marty Borrero


In Alaska you can learn a lot about survival, climate, dangers, and disasters of Alaska! *Applause . . . DO IT!!!!

Survival Tips

You need unfrozen water.

You need oxygen.


Food Balance and High Energy.

Lots of protection from freezing.

Mini fire heated stove to prepare food.

Need to be active to keep warm.

Cold water in chemical heating bags.

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Devil's Due: 5 Things You Missed On Ultimate Survival Alaska – Nat Geo TV Blogs

Dangers of Alaska

In Alaska glaciers are melting causing roads to collapse.

The forest are dying causing people to move and animals to seek for new habitat .

Alaska and the Arctic are warming up way to fast.

Global warming is a big worry in Alaska, that is because permafrost is melting causing roads, buildings, and land to shift or collapse.

Villages have to move farther inland because glaciers are melting and storms can reach the shore easily.

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Average temperature in Alaska is 33 degrees F.

July Temperature is 56 degrees F.

The average snowfall is 20 in.

In Cook Inlets they have the highest snowfall 95 inches deep/Baranof Island has a even higher snowfall of 225 in.

Inland Alaska the temperature in January is -7 degrees F and in July it is 61 degrees F.

Alaska's highest/hottest part of the year is 100 degrees F in June. × 576Search by image


One of the four main regions is the Arctic Coastal Plain.

Climate is a true Arctic type in Alaska.

There is light snow and little rain the Arctic Coastal Plain.

The soil is a treeless plain called the Tundra.


Polar Bears use the ice platforms to hunt.

Since the ice platforms are melting from global warming polar bears are drowning and dying from starvation.

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