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Happy CSA Day!

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If you realize that you aren't going to be able to make it to pick-up, no problem!

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In This Week's Share!






Mix of Hot & Sweet Peppers

Peaches (from Huffman Fruit Farm)

Microgreens: Spicy Mustard Microgreens & Wheatgrass (grown by a GG board member)


These tiny leaves are tasty and pack in plenty of benefits!

Big picture

Wheatgrass Lemonade Recipe

1 bunch wheatgrass

1 piece lemon

1 piece apple

2 pieces carrots


If you are using a blender, it is best to roughly chop the wheatgrass first to allow juicing without clogging or breaking the blade. Add a little water and all the other ingredients and blend. Strain it for a smooth juice. Recipe by Jenny Travens, on food52.com.


"Basic. Solid. Compact. Long-lasting." That is how thespruceeats.com describes this week's cabbage. "Green cabbage is the Toyota (or Honda!) of cabbages. Use it in salads and slaws, stir-fry it, or long-cook it to bring out its essential sweet nature. Look for heads that feel heavy for their size (which can range from softball to almost basketball size), with tightly packed, moist looking leaves. The queen of slaw, green cabbage can stand up to even the heaviest, creamiest, or spiciest of dressings." Read more about cabbages at https://www.thespruceeats.com/types-of-cabbages-2215899. For some great ways to enjoy your cabbage, click below! (I may have gotten a little carried away. I was just so impressed with so many ways to use cabbage! I forced myself to stop at four, ignoring Low Carb Reuben Wraps, Cabbage and Pea Salad, Egg Roll Bowls...)


Onions go perfectly on sandwiches, in soups, or in a green salad with lots of other veggies. But if you want a simple salad that highlights the flavors, try this one from Martha Stewart.

Spicy Microgreens, Peaches, & Basil

Thought I was done adding recipes, since I kind of went recipe-crazy this week. But then board member Devyn sent us this one. Since it uses three of this week's share items, how could I resist?

Devyn supplied the microgreens in this week's share, from his indoor vertical farm, Amorette Farms. Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/amorettefarms1. The peaches came from one of our favorite local farms, Huffman Fruit Farm, in Salem. Learn more about this farm and market here: https://www.facebook.com/Huffman-Fruit-Farm-134584316584142/.

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