Professional Development Workshop

by April Wells

Using Smart Notebook in the Classroom


This introduction to Smartboard workshop will be given in two 1-hour sessions over the course of two days. Classroom teachers will learn the basic and foundational skills and develop a working knowledge of using the Smartboard in the classroom both spontaneously and in at least 2-3 planned lessons per week.

Needs Assessment

Our school's mission is to become a S.T.E.M. school:

  • "Preparing our children for successful lives in the 21st Century requires creative and innovative approaches to education, including a leading edge S.T.E.M. (science/technology/engineering/math) curriculum, enriched by creative faculty with advanced degrees, and state of the art facilities."

In order to accomplish this goal, all teachers at the building level should acquire the basic skills needed to utilize the Smartboard and Notebook software in their classrooms to enhance their teaching and lessons.


Classroom teachers from Pre-K through 6th grade that have no working knowledge of using the Smartboard will benefit most from taking this course. However, teachers with basic skills will also be able to hone their existing skills and learn something new from this course.

Planned Outcomes

My goal is to encourage and inspire teachers to move a little bit out of their comfort zone and try something new. It is my goal to provide them with the confidence to expand their horizons and incorporate the smartboard into at least 2-3 lessons per week.

Teachers will gain a working knowledge of the basic skills needed to use the Smartboard during a lesson spontaneously as well as prepare simple and effective lessons before hand.


Essential question

How can we engage students and get more out of our Smartboard in our classroom other than a glorified projector?
SMART Boards Why are they so easy to use?
The Future of Learning: How Technology is Transforming Public Schools: Lisa Short

Day 1 - Let's Get the Basics!

  • Select arrow
  • Pens
  • Shapes
  • Text
  • Lines
  • Eraser
  • Shade
  • Adding a table
  • Table shade

Functions of Objects

  • Clone
  • Infinite cloner
  • Locking objects and text
  • Properties - object animation
  • Adding Links to pictures or objects

Day 2 - Let's get Creative!

The Gallery

  • Gallery essentials
  • Setting backgrounds

Lesson Activity Toolkit

  • Using templates
  • Activity builder

Notebook Lesson File

An Assignment

Participants will design a lesson in the subject that they teach. The lesson objectives and standards covered should be listed on the introductory page.

The following tools must be used:

  • Text
  • Shapes
  • Lines
  • Table
  • A shade

Your lesson will utilize the infinite cloning tool and object animation. Be sure each page has a background and that you lock objects and text you do not want to be moved by the student. Your lesson should be a total of 5 pages with one page utilizing the lesson activity tool kit and one with a linked video or website.

*Your lesson will be due 1 week after this workshop. Please email me your completed lesson.

Helpful Resources

Next Steps

Please fill out the evaluation form. I would love to hear your feedback on this workshop. Email me your completed assignment and I will send it back to you with comments and suggestions.

Smart Notebook Workshop Assessment Rubric

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Mrs. April Wells

Thank you for attending today's workshop. Please contact me with any questions or needs you may have in the future. I will be happy to assist you.